Pinterest Fail – Butterfly Cake

I sit down at the computer, thinking that I’ll only be on for a few minutes.  I’m looking for a cake recipe, something just a little different than our normal recipe, to spice dessert up for fun.  Hours later… because Pinterest seems to be a black hole where time just flies by in the blink of an eye…  I have settled not an a different recipe, but on a different design.  I’m going to make a butterfly cake and I have the Pinterest recipe to teach me how to do it!


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Supplies I Needed to Gather:


The Simple Sounding Directions

  1. Bake the cake – follow the instructions that come with your cake mix.
  2. Remove the cake from the pan and allow it to cool on the cooling rack.
  3. Slice the cake in half (after it’s completely cooled down).
  4. Cut out a triangle shape piece from the center of each cake portion.
  5. Shape the pieces to form the wings on the serving platform.
  6. Ice the cakes
  7. Serve and enjoy



Let’s Give It A Go

I had directions in hand and a smile on my face, so I thought I was all set and ready to go.  I got the cakes baked and cooled without a problem.  I was even able to slice them in half and remove the triangle shaped piece without difficulty.  When shaping them, I even saw the form of a butterfly starting to take place.  It was when I got to the icing step that the trouble began.  I should admit here, I’ve never been the greatest at icing cakes.  I can make them taste amazing, but I’ve never been like birthday cake quality decorations or anything like that.  When I began the icing, it started out smoothly.  I got the top covered fairly well and began to move to the edges.  That’s where the trouble began…


Have you ever tried icing a cake before it’s completely cool?  Where the cake top begins to stick to your spatula and you wind up making a huge mess instead of a beautiful cake?  Even though the cake was completely cooled down, that’s what the edges of this did!  Everywhere that I had cut, the pieces of cake began to follow along with my spatula instead of staying put.  It made a huge mess.  It completely ruined my butterfly!


So yeah…  Here’s my Pinterest Fail.  It’s kinda sorta a butterfly…  If you squint your eyes and look only at the top pieces and not the edges.  I went ahead and threw some sprinkles on it to try to bring a little life to it.  My plan is to slice it in the kitchen and serve it to the family in already cut pieces.  They never have to know what the cake looked like before I brought it out.  LOL



Tips and Pointers

After my fail, I researched a bit to learn why my cake did this.  I hate to share a failure without being able to give advice as to how to avoid it in the future.  I learned what should prevent this.  When you’re done letting your cake cool, cut your pieces and then put the pieces in the freezer.  This steps is supposed to allow the cake to harden, somewhat like that top hardened during cooking.  From what I read this should fix this issue.


What’s your favorite Pinterest Fail you’ve had?


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