Make Your Home Look Pinterest Perfect

Pinterest is a Mecca for all things beautiful- from delicious looking dishes and baked goods to crafts, clothes and of course interiors. Anyone with an interest in interior design has scrolled through at one time or another, swooning over beautiful designs and dreaming of ways they can make their home look half as nice. However it’s not as hard as you think to get a Pinterest worthy home, follow the steps below if you’re interested in achieving the look.



Opt For Light Neutrals

Light neutrals in the home are always going to work well. They can make any space look light, bright and airy, plus they look clean and fresh. By painting your walls in a light neutral colour like white, magnolia or light grey you create a blank canvas for everything else. It means that even if you opt for pieces of statement furniture, a bold accent colour or a dramatic light fitting it won’t look too much. Once you have the room transformed into a blank canvas, you will have a better idea about the space and what you want to do with it. If your walls aren’t in the best condition, have a plasterer skim them. For a Pinterest look, this is one area that needs to be right.


Think About Flooring

Wooden flooring is a Pinterest favourite, not only that but it’s beautiful and practical too. It’s easy to clean, works with any decor or design theme and is timeless. You can lay wooden floors now and in ten or twenty years they will still look fantastic since they’re hard wearing and don’t go out of style. You could accessorise with some rugs for comfort and warmth.



Find The Right Storage

Pinterest rooms always look sparkling clean, organised and serene. Of course, in real life this isn’t possible as we use our homes for their purpose and that involves things being out at times. But when you do tidy up, you want the process to be as quick and easy as possible. If you buy storage that looks like furniture such as ottomans, you can throw things like kids toys in really easily if you have guests coming over or just in the evening and your room instantly looks presentable.



Finally, it’s stunning and often unique accessories that really make Pinterest rooms pop. Keep an eye out online, in thrift stores, markets and other places for beautiful, interesting pieces to decorate your room. Any interior design firm will tell you the key to accessorizing a room is to add layers. Different colors, textures and sizes layered in the right way will make your home look expensive and like it’s come straight off Pinterest.



Our homes don’t have to be perfect all the time, but when we have visitors over or want to give them a good clean and tidy, it’s nice to get them looking their best. Following these tips will allow you to create stunning, Pinterest worthy rooms and mean you can fully enjoy your home.


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