Plan Now For The Extra Pounds You Put On At Christmas

Yes, it’s not even December yet. And yes, we all hope to have a leaner Christmas and make more sensible decisions when it comes to our diets over the holidays. But we also know that we will inevitably fail as we see the festive food, the candy treats and the Christmas cocktails. The most important thing is not allowing our festive freedom with food to extend into the new year and beyond. It’s ok to be frivolous with our diet once in a while. The Christmas holidays are a time for excess, enjoying great company and making memories with our families. However, once the yuletide fun is over, it’s time to knuckle down and slip back into a healthy routine. Check out these ideas to help you shed the Christmas pounds before you’ve even had a chance to put them on.





When the word detox is mentioned, people recoil in horror at the thought of only eating half an apple and a sprig of mint alongside downing eight liters of water. This is not the sort of detox you need to be having. Consider instead a detox that involves you cutting out all alcohol in January. A sober start to the year is becoming very on trend as people try to battle the post-Christmas bulge and we all know that a glass of wine or two is simply empty calories that can add to our rotundness. As well as cutting out alcohol take a break from the sugary candy that you gorged yourself on all December. By merely removing these two elements from your eating, you will be shedding the calories.


Lean But Not So Mean

If you’re not much of a gym bunny, you might not be too enamoured by the thought of setting foot on the treadmill or sweating it out at a boxercise class. Instead, you could take a few lessons from one of the many diet and fitness regimes on the market such as the Alpha Lion shredding diet. Even if you don’t want an Adonis style physique and won’t be pumping iron every three hours, you could still take a look at the supplements that help promote fat loss and suppress appetite. Begin to eat the rainbow again, partake in plenty of fruit and vegetables, lean white meat, unrefined carbs and cut out the pastries, pies and puddings. Returning to your pre-Christmas diet will see a natural curtailing of your weight gain.



Get Active (Just A Little)

So, you won’t be running a 10k or swimming fifty lengths of a pool anytime soon, but you can still get a little more active to help shift some of the pounds. If you catch the bus to work, hop off one stop early and walk. Take the dog for an extra outing every day. If the kids are particularly well behaved, make it a point of business to walk to the park with them a little more often as a treat. Even the tiniest bit of extra physical activity will help shed the festive bulge a little bit quicker.


Christmas isn’t the time to be worrying about your weight. Eat, drink and be merry and then implement the post-Christmas plan that you had all worked out in November!

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