Positive Self Talk For Frazzled Moms

It’s time for another installment from the Summer Guest Blogging Series!  Today we welcome Claire from The Frugal Family.  On her blog, you’ll find great advice on how to “live your dreams, within your means”.  (I stole that line from her blog because it’s amazing and I want you to know just how amazing her blog is!)  So let’s give a warm welcome to Claire as she shares with us 5 perfect reminders when we’re feeling frazzled.


Positive Self Talk for Frazzled Mums


5 Things to Remind Yourself…



We’ve all had ‘that’ day, everyone has lost the plot before the school run has even started, and it goes downhill from there… take some solace from knowing those days are probably more normal than the perfect ones!

It can be so hard to take yourself out of feeling frustrated and frazzled by the kids, yourself – well everyone really.  Those days are so hard, but if you can start to give yourself these 5 messages on good days, then they will come to mind more quickly on the rubbish days  – and allow you a moment to reflect on the fact you are doing something awesome (even when it’s not).


1. I’m an adult.

When I find myself joining in with the eye-rolling and muttering under my breath, that’s when I know I’m not helping the situation anymore! I remind myself that I’m the adult here – I can make decisions, I can also direct, encourage and lead by example. I CAN keep my temper under control because I’m the adult. I have to remind myself of this about a zillion times on ‘those’ days.


2. They are just children.

Everything they know about the world you have probably forgotten by now, your life is full to overflowing with knowledge, responsibility, song lyrics, plans for dinner, budgets and love for these guys. They know nothing about what is in your head, all the things required to run your family, all the things you have to get done while they goof about.  They do have to listen, and complete the simple instruction you have given – but they are just kids.


3. This won’t matter in …..

One great technique to get yourself some perspective when overwhelm comes along is to recognise the passing of time and that the thing you are totally loosing it over won’t be important forever. Tomorrow or next week you may not even remember this moment (let’s be honest the fight to get kids to put their shoes on is a daily event), it will pass.


4. Listen to music

This is a surprising, easy and mostly free way to change moods. You can set up a play list of favourite tracks for all occasions, make sure you have a kids list too. If you feel you need a cry – listen to your sad songs, if you want to yell put on some rock, if you want to reflect get the classical out. Have a disco tonight before bed, go wild on the dancefloor with the kids. End with laughter and singing VERY LOUDLY.


5. You are doing amazing!

If your kids are loved, safe, fed and get a wash nown again then you are totally rocking at parenting. It doesn’t matter what make of t-shirt they are wearing or what it cost . Most of us have the most ridiculous expectations of ourselves as parents. You are doing great because you are worrying that you’re not! Don’t let a bad morning become a bad afternoon – find a quiet space, take two minutes and reset the day – you are amazing.




Claire is a mum to 4 kids under 8 – she knows overwhelm! She also runs www.thefrugalfamily.co.uk. Come on over and take a look. You can also join us on www.instagram.com/frugalfamilyuk.

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