Post-Workout: Why Don’t You Have A Cool Down Routine?

A cool-down routine isn’t just to help your muscles from becoming overloaded with natural waste products but to help them recover quicker. Your whole body, in fact, will recover quickly when you have a routine for soothing your aches and pains, right after working out. Whether you’ve just been for a run, were pushing hard in the gym with weightlifting or perhaps pumping up a sweat in an aerobics class, a cool-down routine will make you feel better and want to go again the next day. 

Keep on breathing

You should not stop breathing deeply just because you have stopped working out. Your muscles will still be needing extra amounts of oxygen for the next 15-30 minutes after your workout. Since you are at a resting status, you cannot take sharp and rapid breaths as you were during physical activity. Instead, you need to make a conscious effort to take long deep but slow breaths, so your muscles continue to be fed fresh oxygen for the time noted. This will aid in your muscles transporting waste chemicals out of the body and water being transported into the muscles.

Take a load off

If you can help it, lie down for 5-10 minutes after a workout. Taking the weight off your bones and muscles will allow them to relax properly. When you’re standing up, you are asking your body to support its own weight and thus, it can never truly completely let go. When you’re on your back, take deep breaths and try to stretch out and wide, as far as you can. Do this a few times and you will feel your heartbeat slow down quickly and back to a normal resting state.

Take a shower

This may seem like it’s normal, but sometimes people take too long to have a shower after their workouts. The sweat on your skin is full of toxins and salt, which only get reabsorbed when you don’t shower. However, you should be showering without 10-15 minutes of your workout finishing. 

The 3-minute rule

After your shower, your skin will be without its natural oils for protection. This leaves you a 3-minute window where the skin is able to absorb anything on its surface without any trouble. If you’re wondering how to recover from injury, use this 3-minute rule to apply pain warrior+ cream. It’s a CBD infused cream which aids in muscle relaxing as well as helping your joints stave off inflammation. It’s a great recovery product that you should apply as soon as you step out of the shower after drying yourself.

The 30-minute rule

As your body has now relaxed after 30-minutes of rest, it will be crucial to stretch one more time. Your heart rate has returned to normal which means it’s no longer pumping toxins away from the muscles as effectively. You may start to feel aches and pains, as well as tightness in your body. Stretch all muscle groups, once more and this will prevent muscle spasms due to excessive chemical build up.  I have found some routines are better than others when it comes to stretching. I love this one and think it’s the best stretching routine!

A cool-down routine is so simple yet most people don’t have one. The benefits are clearly worth it, so how about you start to use it?