The Power of the Sun: Making the Weather Work for Your Home

The relationship between the weather and your home can be a fraught one. Your house is designed to protect you from the weather outside, with walls, windows, and doors which protect you from the wind and rain. Some places have air conditioners, making them more pleasant in warm weather, and most buildings have heaters for when the seasons turn cold.

This can be a two-way situation, though, with most people having the power to turn the weather into a tool which benefits their home. To help you out with this, this post will be teaching you how to make the weather into something which benefits you each day, rather than something you are simply hiding from.

The Sunshine

Springtime and sunny weather are features of the climate which most people love. Having the chance to walk around without heavy winter clothing, an umbrella, or electronic hand warmers, it’s hard not to love the sunnier parts of the year. The sun is one of the most powerful resources a home can have, though, and this is something you should be taking advantage of.

To start, the sun can be used to dry your clothing. Even when it isn’t that warm outside, sunshine will help to evaporate the moisture in your garments, drying them when they’ve been washed. You need only look for a washing line to take advantage of this, and most people will be able to put something like this up for themselves.

Alongside drying your clothing, the sun can also be used to power and heat the water in your home. Solar panels are more affordable than ever before, and they will often pay for themselves after just a few short years. Exposed water pipes made out of the right materials can soak up a lot of heat, and this is one of the pioneering technologies being used for extremely eco-friendly homes.

The Rain

The rain can be a bothersome thing. Most people don’t like it, and people have been moaning about this sort of weather for hundreds of years. Even a lot of animals dislike the type of weather. Of course, though, like most of mother nature’s offerings, the rain can be an incredibly useful tool for your home.

Rainwater falls from the sky in most parts of the world, and some places endure this weather more than others. Slimline water tanks won’t take up too much of your outdoor space, and can be used to collect the water which falls from the sky. You will need to go through the process of cleaning this if you want to drink it, but it will be fine for things like watering the plants and giving to your pets.

If it rains enough where you are, you may be able to use this force of nature to keep your ponds, fountains, and the other features of your garden going without the need for plumbing or electronic devices. This is purely for decoration, but is a great benefit when you’re trying to build something like this nice and cheaply.

The Wind

There are a lot of factors which can influence the wind. The tides, the temperature, and physical barriers which the land creates will all impact this natural force, but this doesn’t mean that its power can’t be harnessed. Wind can be very powerful, and it’s often irritating when the weather turns like this, but you’ll be happy to feel a strong wind if you take the steps below.

While most people clean themselves and their homes on a regular basis, it can be hard to keep smells from appearing or lingering in a place like this, and this is especially so if you have children or pets. Opening windows by a small crack on each side of your house will allow a breeze to travel through, shifting the air and making the whole place smell fresh.

The wind isn’t just a tool to remove smells from your house, though. Alongside this, the wind can also be used to generate power. Wind turbines come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and if you have the right level of wind coming through your property, you may be able to find one which will be suitable for your place. This option won’t work for everyone, but can be useful when you’re looking renewable ways to fuel your home and can’t rely on the sun.

The Chill

Winter brings with it some of the harshest weather most places have to contend with, and a lot of people think of ice and snow as serious inconveniences to their daily life. It would be much easier to live without the world turning to ice each year. Of course, though, you can’t stop weather like this, and this makes it well worth looking for ways to turn it to your advantage.

People use fridges and freezers all year round, and this is because a lot of foods need to be kept in a clean and sanitary environment. Sealed containers don’t need this, though, and this gives you an excellent chance to use your garden as storage for things like drinks and desserts. Not everyone will like this idea, but some will appreciate extra fridge space.

Cold weather can’t be used to generate power or store energy, but it’s still very important to the world. Plants need a chance to hibernate and build themselves up for the next year, and some animals desperately need spaces to hide and nest. This can make it worth leaving your garden overgrown during winter, giving all of the critters in your neighborhood a safe place to spend this time of year. This might not help you, but it will certainly help them.

The weather has long been one of the most important parts of human society. Some people like to hide from the climate, while others embrace it, but far too few use it to their advantage. You will find different weather across the world, but everyone will be able to use at least one aspect of their weather to their benefit.