Power Through Your Pregnancy

Do powering through and pregnancy even go into the same sentence? Yes they do. Going through your 9 month term is going to be one of the hardest, most demanding thing you will have gone through. Not only will your body change, but so will your mind. Some days you’ll be as happy as larry, others you’ll be crying one minute, and in a screaming rage the next. It’s all up and down, but when you look back you’ll be so grateful you went through it when your beautiful baby is born. But, nearly every day you’ll go through a stage of wishing you could give up. If you’re at this stage, read through this article and give yourself some inspiration to power through.



Helping The Baby

The happier and healthier the baby is, the happier and healthier you are. And yes, a baby can be happy. It is thought that as soon as their brain develops enough, babies begin to have thoughts from inside the womb. This is why they react to certain things you do, such as singing, playing music, having a bath etc. Keeping your baby healthy isn’t hard. You just need to make sure you’re eating right, keeping yourself active whilst still having enough rest, and fuelling you and the baby with the right vitamins. Try to keep your diet balanced full of foods that are going to be good for you. Your midwife will inform you about what’s not going to be the best for both of your health. If you’re looking for ideas about prenatal vitamins, you can check that link to make sure you’re getting the right ones. There are ways of keeping your baby happy, the main being do don’t anything strenuous, and try to keep your own mind happy. They can sense when you’re stressed and agitated. They’ll wriggle around which will no doubt make you even more uncomfortable. Try listening to soothing exercises, and talking to your baby to try and reduce both stress levels. Breathing exercises really help.



Helping You

You don’t really tend to help yourself during pregnancy. People are so focused on rushing around, trying to go about daily life whilst a human is growing inside them. It just isn’t going to work. Especially when they get bigger and start to cause you all those horrible aches and pains. You need to take time for yourself if you want to look after the both of you. Make sure you’re pampering yourself as much as possible. A long soak in the bath will work wonders for an achy back or feet. Go to pregnancy massages to really feel relaxed. But make sure it is a specialist one, a normal massage can be bad for the both of you. Try and do face masks and moisturize to keep your skin feeling, and looking soft. You’ll most likely already have a radiant glow, but it’s nice to feel like you’re being pampered at the same time. If you’re living with your partner, make sure he takes on more of the tasks around the house to ensure you’re not doing too much.


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