Summer is Coming: Prepare your Home and Family for the Next Heatwave

Summer is fast approaching and it will be here before you know it. There’ll be no more snow, rain, sleet or cold frosty mornings. Well, there’ll probably still be rain, but at least it will be refreshing and not like a thousand icicles being thrown from the sky. The main problem that a lot of parents find when summer comes along is that they find it difficult to keep the home cool and when you have kids as well, this can make the whole thing even worse. You may find that the kids get grumpy and you may also find that you have zero energy throughout the day. For that reason, you’ll find plenty of hints and tips regarding how to keep your home cool, right here.



Heat Reducing Film

30% of the heat in your home actually comes through your windows. One good way for you to fix this would be for you to apply a heat reducing film to the windows so that you can try and regulate this. What’s better is that during winter, it actually helps to keep warm air in the home as well so it is very easy for you to keep it up all year-round. Your family and pets will thank you for it!


Ceiling Fans

Moving air makes everything feel cooler. When you have a ceiling fan, you can instantly cool down without having to mess around with the thermostat. During summer, you need to operate your fan counter-clockwise. When you do this, you can then draw cooler air upwards and it also helps to run your bathroom fan as well. This will help to stop any rising heat to get expelled from the home and it can make all the difference. This page has all the information you need to know about ceiling fans.


Plant Greenery

If you can prepare for the summer and in plenty of time then you should certainly try and do this. You need to try and plant as many trees and shrubbery around your home as you can, as this will stop heat from hitting the windows. It will also provide you with something to look out at when you get up in the morning as well! It may take you a while to get the plants really established, but it is well worth it.



Grill More

A lot of people operate their oven as they normally would during summer but this is something


that you will really want to try and avoid. When temperatures tend to sour, you need to grill your food outside and the main reason for this is because your oven can considerably increase the temperature inside your home. You’d be surprised at what a huge difference this can make and you would also be shocked to see how much cooler your home will be as a result of this simple change. On top of this, you’ll find that grilling in summer is a great way for you to keep the whole family outside and involved in any activities, such as preparing salad or even turning the meat (with adult supervision of course!).


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