Prepare Your Home for the Winter Season

The winter is here but it doesn’t usually get too bad until after Christmas when the arctic air comes down from the north or flies in from the east. Suddenly the neighborhood is covered in white powder and the mercury is way down in the blue. If you’re not prepared you might find yourself stressed and out of pocket. To avoid this check the best practices below.

Check Your Insulation 

Insulation is the foam or loose-fill in your walls that helps to lock the heat into your home. Some homes are better insulated than others, especially the newer ones. Insulation can enhance your comfort and save you money. 

Prepare for the winter by checking what insulation you have and upgrading it if necessary. Older homes might have low-grade insulation that you can invest in. If you don’t have double or triple glazing try hanging heavy curtains. 

Check Your Pipes 

Pipes have a tendency to burst in the winter due to freezing temperatures and lack of preparation. When the temperature reaches zero and the pipes are not insulated the water will freeze and expand. This causes them to flood when the temperature rises. 

Luckily this situation is easy to prevent, all you have to do is insulate them before the big freeze or keep them running slightly if you get caught out. The best way to insulate your pipes is to use foam. You can buy this insulating foam at local hardware stores – it’s easy to cut and fit. 

Unclog Your Drains 

Another area of the home you need to watch out for in winter is the drains. This means the drains on the gutters and the sewage drains outside. Through the fall these drains clog up with leaves and can lead to flooding and other problems. 

Clearing your drains and gutters can be a messy and difficult job, especially if you don’t have the proper tools and equipment

for it. If you want to protect your drains from clogging through the winter but don’t fancy getting your hands dirty you can always hire a good Drain Snaking Service. 

Check Your Boiler 

Most people don’t think about the health of their boiler until it starts to go wrong, then it can be expensive and inconvenient to repair or replace. This is the last thing you want to happen in the winter over the festive season – it can really upset your plans. 

Don’t leave the health of your boiler to chance, make sure you have it serviced regularly, at least once a year. After the fall and before the cold weather comes is a good time in the year to have it checked. This will give you confidence in your boiler over the festive season. 

Organise Your Tools 

Snowstorms can happen fast, overnight sometimes, and when they do you can find yourself stuck and in need of your tools from the garage. There’s nothing worse than clambering over clutter to find the snowblower or de-icer.

Don’t let this happen, instead, plan in advance. Before the winter organise your garage or tool shed. Think about the tools you might need this year – a look at the forecast is recommended – and organize them for easy access. You’ll be glad you did.