Prepping for Winter Weather

Winter is a season that I have mixed emotions about.  While I love Christmas and New Years, and the beauty that snow can bring, I dislike the cold.  It’s a hard season to get through for both your body and your home.  Extra steps need to be taken to ensure that everything runs smoothly when those temperatures begin to drop.  Let’s take a look at some things that need to be maintained during the winter.




You’ll want to do a checkup on your appliances each winter.  This ensures that everything is in proper working order.  If you plan to do these essential appliance checks each year, hopefully you won’t be blindsided by something breaking down on you!



Plumbing pipes are extra sensitive during the winter months.  The liquid inside them has the possibility of freezing, which could cause the pipe to burst (and a huge bill to hit your pocketbook).  Look into a heat wrap for pipes to help prevent any issues for your house this winter.



You’ll want to be sure that your winter wardrobe is properly stocked up too.  While I have seen some people who are able to walk around in the freezing temperatures in shorts and a tank top, I don’t recommend doing so.  Ensure that you’ve got gloves, hats, scarves and a nice warm coat whenever you venture outside.  Pull out your sweaters from last year and make sure that they still fit.  Use it as an excuse to update your closet!



Your hair has different needs during each season of the year.  Make sure that you’re being super gentle with it during the cold months.  Extra conditioning, less washing, and careful styling are just a few tips for keeping your natural hair winter ready this year.



Colder temperatures can wreck havoc on your skin.  You’ll want to ensure that you are moisturizing often, and with a good moisturizer.  Skincare during the winter requires just a little extra, and you want to pamper the skin that you’re in!


While there is lots of things to checkup and take extra care of this winter, just know that everything will be fine if you treat it properly.  Enjoy the benefits of winter, such as snuggling on the couch, under a fuzzy blanket, sipping on hot cocoa (or coffee) as you watch a movie with your family on those cold winter nights.

What is your way of prepping for the winter season?