Thinking Through Presents for the Husband who has Everything

I just adore Christmas!  I love the lights, the cookies, and the joy that I see when my children open their presents.  There is one hard part about it for me though, and that is knowing what to get my husband for his presents.  He is one of those people who are super difficult to shop for.  “I have everything I need!” is the only help that he provides.  So what do you get for the man who has everything?

Something for Work

My husband owns his own pest control company, Bug Thumpers, so I have often got him things to support his business.  I’ve made t-shirts that say Bug Thumpers for the family to wear for advertising.  Ordering a personalized cup that says the company name would be another idea.  More generic items would be pens, paper, or ink for the printer.  You could even get him a new computer to use for work here where you could make monthly payments on it.  While these items might not work for your husband’s profession, if you think about what he does, there might be something that would make his job easier you could get for him.

Something for Play

My husband is a big electronics nerd.  He loves building computers and playing video games.  Places like GameStop (a store that sells video games) or MicroCenter (a store that sells computer parts) are places he often visits.  While I don’t know much about either of these categories, I do occasionally pay attention to what items he is looking at while we are in these stores (and other times I have him drop me off next door at Target so that I don’t have to go in them at all).  Lately he’s been checking out this certain keyboard that lights up, so there is an idea for me.  I know that he has several Fallout games, and I saw while Black Friday shopping at Target that there is a new one out.  That could also be another suggestion.  When I buy things, I just always make sure to grab a gift receipt so that he can easily exchange it if he already has it or decides he doesn’t like it.

Something for Fun

We spend a lot of time outdoors.  Camping, fishing, and relaxing in nature is something the whole family does together.  Bass Pro Shops is a weekly visit for us (at least) and I love to look for coupons to help us afford all the goodies that we “need” while we are there.  Click this link now to see what Bass Pro Coupons might be available in your area today.  When there, things such as lanterns, fishing supplies or a new portable chair are all things that spark ideas for gifts.  My husband will also go out and hunt with his friend, so I look at places like TenPoint Crossbow Technologies to see about getting him accessories for his crossbow, or perhaps even a new crossbow.

Something that’s Funny

Sometimes, the best presents are simply those that make you laugh.  Inside jokes are always a great inspiration for presents.  Farting is something that my husband is king of, so anything fart related becomes open game for an elephant gift.  He laughs about me being hangry (angry when I get hungry), so the “Sorry for the things I said when I was hangry” towel is perfect for us.

Whether you go big or small, serious or funny, it really is the thought that counts when it comes to getting the men presents.  Take a moment to think about what your man likes or needs and then run your idea list through there.  You’re going to find the perfect gift – I know you will!

What did you get for your husband who has everything?