5 Projects That Will Add Excitement (And Property Value) To Your Garden

When you find yourself in the position of selling your home, many friends, neighbors, family, and realtors will tell you about all the little things you’ll need to do to prep your home for sale. Put away all the personal photos and decorations, keep the place spotless, and maybe do a kitchen remodel if you’re feeling ambitious.

But what they might not tell you to do is take a look at your backyard and garden. Are the garden beds clear and organized or is your garden an eyesore? Is that old shed falling apart or actually serving a functional purpose? All these things and more can take away from your home’s curb appeal and deter buyers rather than impress them.

So before you put your home on the market, check out the following projects that will add excitement and property value to your garden.

1. Create An Outdoor Gathering Place

Just like staging your home’s interior helps buyers see themselves creating your house their “home”, creating an outdoor gathering place has the same effect! And even if you aren’t planning on selling your home anytime soon, a backyard gathering space will add property value to your home while encouraging family and friends to come over for endless BBQ parties.

Some elements that make for the perfect backyard space include pergolas, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens and dining sets.

Photo by Bill Wilson on Flickr (Creative Commons)

Available in vinyl, aluminum, metal, and cedar wood options, pergolas add some much-needed shade during the heat of summer. And if they’re paired with a few pergola shades or climbing vines, pergolas can also offer some privacy from your neighbors. Depending on where you live, adding a pergola to your outdoor space can offer you a 40-75% return on investment.

2. Start Growing Trees

This project will certainly take a bit more time and patience, but the rewards can be huge. Mature trees can add between $1,000-$10,000 in value to your home. And the end result is gorgeous, too! Not only are trees a major property-value booster, but if they’re grown in an ideal location, they can help decrease your cooling bill in the summer months by 20-50%.

Photo by Flo Pappert on Unsplash

All trees grow at different speeds, but to get the process going, consider planting a variety of fast-growing shade trees. Before you know it, you’ll be relaxing in your backyard in the middle of August with lots of shade to cool you down.

3. Dig A Pond

Who doesn’t love being able to look out into their backyard and see a view of some water? Ponds not only provide you with a peaceful and relaxing view, but a well-maintained pond can increase your property value if you’re ever looking to sell your home. While loud highways and busy streets can deter buyers, ponds or lakes can be a point of differentiation between your home and the neighbors.

While there are a number of ways you could approach a pond digging project, utilizing a backhoe allows you to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the project. Not to mention, it’s a heck of a lot faster than digging it yourself!

4. Clean Up The Garden Beds And Lawn

Though this project isn’t as exciting or dramatic as adding a pond or outdoor gathering space, having clean, well-kept garden beds can add curb appeal and property value to your home. Fall and winter is a great time to tend to your garden beds since most spring and summer plants are done for the season. Break a little sweat and pull some weeds, apply some homemade weed killer or consider this natural alternative to round-up to stop them from returning.

Photo by Gus Ruballo on Unsplash

When all is said and done, add some fresh mulch to your garden beds to create a clean look and promote weed suppression. Though cleaning up your garden beds and lawn won’t necessarily directly add property value, it will entice potential buyers to take more than a quick glance at your home or online real estate listing. And if you have multiple people interested, hopefully, a bidding war will ensue and the price of your home skyrockets!

5. Add A Shed Or Other Outbuilding

Not only will a shed help you tidy up that messy garage for staging your home, but it will add some property value, too! Keep in mind, however, that not all sheds are equal. Metal sheds can rust, plastic ones look cheap, and upcycled ones may be charming to you, but might not be to buyers. Consider going with a cedar wood shed. It’s structurally sound, ages well, stands up to all sorts of weather, and is tried and true.

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Another thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that sheds only impress buyers when they have an established purpose, are well-kept, and add to the aesthetics of your backyard, rather than take away from it. The same idea applies to barns, carports, and other outbuildings too.

Author Bio: Leigha Staffenhagen is the managing editor of Insteading.com, a homesteading and sustainability site focusing on everything from gardening and raising chickens to off-grid living and tiny homes.