Tips For Protecting Your Belongings During A Home Renovation

Home renovations can be very chaotic, especially in a busy house. There’s a lot of mess and if you aren’t careful, things can easily get damaged. The last thing you want is to finish the renovations and then go to move all of the furniture back into place, only to find that it’s damaged or covered in paint. But if you follow these simple tips, you can protect all of your belongings during a home renovation. 

Put Expensive Furniture In Storage 

Moving things out of the way or covering it up is important if you don’t want it to get damaged. However, if you have some very expensive or old furniture in the house that you don’t want to get damaged, you should consider putting it in an indoor storage unit. If you get it out of the house, you can do your renovations without having to worry. Even if you are careful, there is always the chance that things will be damaged, and it’s not worth taking that risk with expensive furniture. 

Store Safely In The House 

If you are moving things and storing them somewhere in the house, you need to make sure that you store things safely. Moisture is a big problem, especially for wooden furniture, so be careful about storing things in the basement or the garage if the weather is wet. You also need to consider security as well because a house that is undergoing a lot of renovations is a magnet for burglars. They will target houses that are being renovated because they are often less secure and it’s easier for them to slip in undetected amidst all of the chaos. So, make sure that things are locked up securely and double check that the house itself is secure. 

Stay Organized 

If you have things all over the house, it’s more likely that people will trip over them or drop things and break them. That’s why it’s important that you keep your family organized during the renovation. Make sure that you have a functional area where you can live during the renovation, and keep this separate from storage areas if possible. Accidental breakages are a lot less likely if you keep the house tidy and organized. 

Protect From Dust And Paint 

Dust and paint can easily damage your belongings during a home renovation project, so it’s important that you protect furniture properly. Many people think that throwing a sheet over things is enough but dust can still get in and paint will easily soak through. If you want to keep your furniture safe, you should use plastic dust sheets and make sure to tape them down carefully so there are no gaps. You can reduce the damage from dust if you stay on top of it during the renovation. Instead of waiting until the renovations are finished and then cleaning up, you should vacuum up the dust at the end of each day. 

Follow these simple rules and you can avoid damaging any of your belongings during a home renovation.