The Psychological Benefits Of Cleaning Out Your House

Clearing out your house is the big thing in home improvements at the minute. There are loads of great books on decluttering your home that have all sorts of tips on how to choose what to get rid of and what to keep. The most obvious benefit is the sheer amount of space that you’ll open up for yourself but that’s not why it’s becoming so popular. It makes life easier when everything is much cleaner and you haven’t got junk lying around but the real benefits of decluttering are psychological. If you decide to sort through all of your old stuff and chuck a load of it away, here’s how it will affect your life.



Stress Reduction

Stress is a huge part of everybody’s lives these days and finding ways to reduce it is often a top priority for people. Shifting a lot of your old, unneeded junk can do exactly that. When you’ve got all sorts of bits and bobs lying around everywhere it makes it far more difficult to do even the most basic of tasks. That triggers a stress response in your brain which increases your overall levels of stress. There are also a lot of bad memories and associations that come with old possessions. If you keep them hanging around the house they’ll just stress you out and make you feel down. Gathering them all up and chucking them in skip bins is a very good symbolic cleansing experience. You can literally throw that part of your life away and turn a corner in your life without the bad parts.


Getting rid of all of that clutter is going to make all of your day to day tasks around the house that much quicker. That means your schedule won’t be anywhere near as busy as it used to be, which takes a lot of stress off you as well.


Improves Focus

Most people realize that having lots of clutter about can be a bit distracting. The usual solution to this is to gather it all up and stuff it into a drawer somewhere. The problem is, that doesn’t solve anything. You’re still aware of it and it can cause overall feelings of distraction and frustration. The only way to get rid of all of that is to sort the problem for good by clearing out all of that stuff. You’ll soon notice that you’re far more efficient around the house.


Boosts Your Mood

When you’re feeling stressed out or down, making small accomplishments is a good way to boost your mood. If you start clearing rooms out, it’ll be stressful while you’re doing it but when you finish, you’ll feel a huge sense of accomplishment, giving you a much needed boost to your overall mood. You’ll be happier in general once you’ve cleared the house out as well because you’re living in a better, more organized environment.


Decluttering the house isn’t just about the physical, it’s an opportunity to clear out the junk from your mind as well as your house.

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