5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Move To A New Home

Moving home is stressful, so why do we insist on putting ourselves through the hassle? If you are moving soon, you may be thinking the same thing. Okay, so there may be viable reasons as to why moving home is the answer. You may have horrible neighbours, there could be a high-crime rate in your neighbourhood, and your home may be draining your finances. On the other hand, there may be questions you need to ask yourself before you make the transition. Such as…



  1. Will I be happy somewhere else?

Your home may not be the problem. Perhaps there are other issues you need to think about. You may be bored with your current living situation, but a home makeover may brighten up your living space. You may have suffered a relationship breakdown in your home and the memories may be hurtful. Moving home may be the answer, but perhaps you should give it time before making a drastic decision to sell up. You may also be tired of the flaws within your home, but perhaps a few repairs would make all the difference. There’s always that air conditioning repair specialist for starters, if your house is too cold! Happiness is a vague concept, but there may be areas of your life and home that could be improved, without moving home being a necessity.


  1. Is it practical to move?

There are practical reasons why moving home is a bad idea. Money is a biggie, and the cost of moving is expensive. So can you afford it? You may have a family, so you should also consider their needs. You wouldn’t want to disrupt your children’s schooling, for example, so perhaps it’s better to wait a while. The house market may also be facing a downturn, so you may not get the returns you expect on your property. Have a look at your life and finances, and talk to your family. If there are practical reasons holding you back, be sensible, and withhold any life-changing decisions.


  1. Is it cheaper to renovate my house?

You may want something specific in a new home, or your family may have grown, so there may be valid reasons to move. A larger property may be the answer you are looking for, but then it may be cheaper to renovate your home instead. Whether you work vertically or horizontally, you can add extra rooms, install new features, and create a better living environment for whatever need you are trying to accommodate.


  1. What will I miss?

Most of us go through some kind of grieving process when we move home, especially with all the happy memories we have gathered over the years. Still, there are other things you will miss. If you have friends or family living nearby, you may not want to part company just yet. Yes, you could always use Facebook, but it’s not the same as popping round to your mates house for a cuppa! There might also be groups or clubs you are involved with, or your family may have activities that they would prefer to stay involved with. Parting isn’t always a sweet sorrow, so don’t say goodbye until you’re sure it’s time to move.


  1. Will anybody miss me?

Sometimes your needs have to come first, so moving home may be right for you. Still, this is a question worth asking yourself. While you aren’t indispensable, other people may be reliant on you for emotional or practical support. Again, they will have to deal with the gap you leave behind, but if there are genuine reasons why your support is vital, it may be worth sticking around, at least until your work in town is done!




So, should you move house? We can’t answer that question for you, but consider our advice and weigh up the pros and cons. Sometimes there are no easy answers, but at least give it some thought before diving headlong into a move.


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