Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent When Buying A Home

If you are looking for homes and you come across a home that piques your interest, how do you know if it is fit for your needs? The answer is simple. Simply ask your real estate agent and find a home that is an ideal for the fit you. Here are the questions you need to ask your real estate agent before you finalize on a home.



Why is the owner selling the house?

You need to know why the owner is selling the house and how long did they reside there. Ask for the purpose behind the sellers move and you will be able to decide if the home is suitable for you or not. If the seller has to be elsewhere within a particular period of time, you will be able to negotiate on the price.


What is the neighborhood like?

Nobody wants to move into a neighborhood that is into a stretch of foreclosures. There are some neighborhoods that are not ideal for a move. It could be in a decline and you will not know it until a few months after you have moved in. You need to ask the agent about real estate on Lake Keowee if there is any concern about the neighborhood. Since the agents have thorough knowledge about different areas and the neighborhood, they can give you the right advice.


What is the property worth?

Your agent might not be able to tell you what you should offer but they can help compare similar homes in similar locations to see what price the property was sold for. When you ask the agent about the high and low price for similar properties in the neighborhood, you can make the right offer on a home.


Are there any seller’s disclosure?

Only an agent will be able to answer this question for you. Legally, a seller has to disclose any problems with the home and you need to ask the agent for the disclosure so that you know what is going on with the home and what is its current state.


How long has the property been on market?

Buying a home that is on the market for a long period of time could mean problems in the home or in the seller who refused to change the selling price. You need to ask the agent how long the home has been on the market and why.


How much is the property tax and utility bills?

It is a good idea to plan a budget before you move into the new home. You will be qualified for a loan but certain expenses like the property tax and utility bills will become a regular outflow and it is best to plan well. Ask about the property tax and the utility bills cost for the house so as to ensure that you can afford the home with your mortgage.


Getting answers to these questions will not only help you buy the right house but will also ensure that you plan the budget well.