Quick And Easy Ways To Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Home

You work hard during the day, spend your evenings looking after your family, and at the weekend you have all those extra-curricular activities to be a taxi service for – in between doing the weekly shop and tidying up after everyone. It’s no wonder you sometimes feel a little overwhelmed and run-down. Adding a splash of luxury to your home can be a quick and easy way to give yourself a little something to look forward to at home after a long day. Below are some ideas for the more regularly used rooms in your home.




This may not be the first room to spring to mind when you think of the word ‘luxury’, but just think about it: After an exhausting day looking after everyone else, where do you retreat to get a bit of ‘me time’? You pour yourself a glass of wine and retreat behind a locked door for a nice hot bath. You can add a bit of easy luxury by purchasing a beautifully scented candle to compliment your aromatherapy bubble bath. Alternatively, if you are feeling a little more lavish, you could opt for a jacuzzi bath for some extra pampering. However, if you wanted some day-to-day luxury, why not try some of the more premium brands of hand soap? Many come with matching sets of soap and hand cream to leave your hands feeling cared for every day.


Living Room

The living room is where you most likely spend the majority of your waking hours outside of work, so it’s important that it is somewhere comfortable and inviting. For those who like to invest in luxury for the long-term, a high definition TV or a new sofa suite for your movie nights could be the way to go; Palazzo Collezioni is the “brand of brands” when it comes to adding a touch of elegance to your furniture. You could always go for something a little more small-scale if you desired; a deep-pile shaggy rug can give you something to bury your tired toes into in the evenings, adding a feeling of old-world luxury without breaking the bank.




Unless you work from home, you will probably spend more time in this room than any other in your house. Granted you’re asleep for most of that time, but that doesn’t mean it can’t benefit from your luxury treatment anyway. The most obvious way to treat yourself here is a new bed and mattress. Most mattresses are good for around seven or eight years, with the more premium brands offering a ten-year guarantee. You may be due a replacement, or have simply bought your last mattress on a budget; but seeing as you spend around eight hours a day in bed, it’s worth investing in good quality. You’re back will thank you for it. Do plenty of research and test all your favourites and you should end up with a purchase guaranteed to make you feel like royalty in your own home.


There are a vast number of options to adding luxury to your home; some expensive, some practically free. But all should help give you something to make every room feel just that little bit more special.


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