Steps You Need To Take To Raise Happy Adults

Raising happy adults is something every parent is keep to do, right? However, for kids to turn into happy adults, you need to make sure you’re taking a few specific steps. Some adults may seem happy, but deep down, they struggle with unresolved emotional issues. Maybe they aren’t happy because they feel like they are acting like someone they’re not. Maybe it’s because they never quite learned how to form happiness habits. For an adult to be truly happy deep down, they need to learn these things as a child.



Here are the steps you should take to help them!


Set An Example

First thing’s first: make yourself happy. You can’t pour from an empty cup. While your kids are your priority, working on making yourself happy will set an example for them. Plus, this is one thing many kids wished for when asked – not toys and things like that, but for their parents to be happy. It’s one of the best gifts you can give them. Being stressed can actually rub off on them!


Let Them Be Themselves

Yes, you need boundaries and rules for your kids to adhere to, but they also need freedom to be themselves. They need to be feel like it’s safe to be themselves. Let them make their own choices when it comes to what to wear, what to draw, and so on. Let them think for themselves.




Expect Effort, Not Perfection

Never expect perfection from your kids. This means they will struggle from accepting anything unless they deem it perfect – they’ll stress out at school, at work, and even over how they look, deeming things not good enough. Effort should be praised instead.


Ensure They Feel Comfortable Talking To You

Make sure your kids feel comfortable talking to you early on. This way, you can help them through any concerns they may be having, and you won’t feel like they are being secretive, especially as they get older!


Make Sure They Know How To Handle Stress

Yes, kids get stressed just like adults do. Make sure they know how to handle it. One of the best things you can do for them is avoid stress yourself. After this, it could be a case of encouraging them to meditate, or try deep breathing if they are a particularly stressed out child. As they get older, you may need to advise them on the steps to take with certain situations that are stressing them out. For example, student loans and consolidation with a site like They may not always do what you tell them to do, but you can do your best to give them information and options.


Teach Them What’s Really Important In Life

Make sure your kids know that gifts and things aren’t the really important things in life. Relationships are. Being kind to others is. Instill a little optimism in them while they’re young. People are addicted to complaining, so don’t let your kids turn out this way!


Form Happiness Habits

There are many happiness habits. For example, exercising, talking about everything using positive language, getting out of bed earlier with a great morning routine, and so on. These habits will make your kids feel great, and they will find becoming an adult a little easier.


What have you found that helps you raise up your children to be happy?

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