A Simple Formula for Raising Happy Children Book Review

I have one true desire for my children, and that is that they are happy.  Everything that I do for them is with that passion driving it.  Whether it’s going for a family bike ride with them, or enforcing that they get their rooms cleaned up before bedtime, it’s all with the purpose of making them happy now and/or teaching them how to care for themselves so that they can be happy, successful adults.  My job as a mother, hinges around this driving factor.  So when I was approached about reviewing the book, A Simple Formula for Raising Happy Children by Rabbi Roger Herst, the decision was a complete no-brainer.


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When I first began reading the book, it was as if Rabbi Roger knew that I would be reading it.  Instantly, I felt a connection with his words, as if they were written for me to see.  The first premise he establishes (slight spoiler here, sorry) is that parents want their kids to be happy!  When he describes the typical parent, I’m sitting there nodding my head.  Yup.  That’s me.  Uh huh.  Check.  Done that.  He totally hit the nail on the head.

Written as a conversation between the Rabbi and a parent, RR (Rabbi Roger) guides the parent to reach the conclusions that he wants the parent to get to.  He doesn’t tell the parent what to think, but moves the conversation along through questions and conversations, where the parent eventually draws the conclusions themselves.  Which is, in my opinion at least, absolutely wonderful.  Just as you can’t just tell a child what to think and expect them to blindly believe you, RR doesn’t expect the parents to be any different.

Nine steps to parenting that are likely to produce the recipe for great kids – that’s what RR helps the parents understand throughout the book.  Each step is simple to understand, although not always the easiest to put in place.  Some, I already do, others I see the logic behind and have begun trying to implement in our lives.  None seem totally off the wall or crazy weird, and the logic behind each one is explained through the chapter that guides you to that step.  They are principles that can be applied to any family, which makes it a totally universal and the perfect book for any and every family.

An easy read, I highly recommend this book for all parents!  It’s a straightforward, well-written and entertaining read full of solid and practical advice.  Let Rabbi Roger show you his secret recipe for raising happy children!


Disclosure: I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this book.


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