The Realistic Guide For All Those Who Think That Healthy Lifestyle Is Impossible

For a lot of people, being healthy doesn’t feel like a motivational challenge. It feels like a failure from the start. Not because they can’t get healthy, but simply because the media doesn’t always offer an alternative for those who aren’t quite fit and strong yet but who would love to take the first step in the right direction. For instance, if you want to lose weight and read that intermittent fasting workout is extremely effective, you know that it’s only going to work if your body can take the pressure of working out in a fasted state. If you are the sedentary type and you’ve got a love story with food, it’s doomed to fail. It’s not a matter of motivation or strong will. It’s a matter of needing the appropriate first step in your health journey. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and where you start depends on your lifestyle. So, I’ve decided to provide a realistic guideline to building healthy habits within an unhealthy lifestyle.


Healthy lifestyle? You can do it


Nobody is born a health-freak: It’s a habit

A healthy lifestyle is the result of a series of healthy habits, just like an unhealthy lifestyle stems from the accumulation of unhealthy habits. When you start thinking about it in these terms, suddenly things become easier. Being healthy is not unachievable. It’s about changing your bad habits for new and better ones. There’s a commonly accepted fact about building new habits that says that it takes 21 days for a new behavior pattern to become automatic. In reality, it takes a lot longer than this. It takes over 60 days for a habit to form. In other words, changing habits will require a lot of dedication and motivation. It’s not impossible, and things will get easier with time. But it’s important that you set your expectations appropriately. You won’t replace a snack by an hour of jogging overnight.


Quitting a bad habit

There’s a big difference between replacing a bad habit with something better and quitting a bad habit that you can’t replace. Quitting is about abandoning a learned behavior with nothing to take its place. It’s more complicated than that because your brain can’t fill the old automatism with new data. That’s why if you’re trying to quit a habit such as smoking, it can be helpful to turn to vaping as a first step. Vaporescence has a helpful guide to help you move away from tobacco at your pace. Another helpful strategy is to reduce your bad habit over time. Let’s say you’re a heavy smoker. You could start by smoking a little less every day until you don’t experience any need for it anymore because the habit has disappeared.


Creating positive environment

When you decide to start a healthy lifestyle, you will find yourself struggling with keeping track of all new behaviors until they become set habits. Keeping a BuJo, or a bullet journal if you’re not familiar with it, is a great way of improving your health. Why so? Because it helps you to track habits day after day. You can keep a tap on how much water you drink every day, what you eat, how much you exercise, etc. Keeping your habits in a beautiful environment — bullet journals are creative and pretty — makes sure that you want to stick to them!



Don’t fear healthy challenges anymore. Start by working on your habits, and you’ll soon find that health goals are not out of reach!


What is the Passion that drives you to want to live a healthier lifestyle?

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