5 Cool and Clever Reasons to Invest in a Condo

As a busy mom you barely have time to think about the little things in life; those peaceful moment you enjoy by yourself or that exciting hobby that used to make you a little extra cash. You’re ready to start doing something for yourself for a change and you have been going back and forth with this idea for a while now. You have been considering buying a condo for a whole host of reasons. You don’t necessarily have to move in there with the whole family; it can be a safe place to take some time out or a clever investment for your future. If you’re still on the fence about buying a condo, then consider these five cool and clever reasons to invest in one right now.



  1. To Make Money

Buying a condo office as an investment is a very clever and savvy thing to do. You could rent it out or sell it on for a higher price and enjoy a decent return on your original investment. As long as you have the relevant condo insurance that protects areas such as entryways, walkways and exterior features you will be ready to go with your new money making scheme.


  1. The Luxury Amenities

As a condo owner you will have full access to all of the luxury amenities they have to offer. Whether it’s a swanky gym or a swimming pool; you could go there whenever you want to use the fabulous facilities in your building.  This might even be the part of condo living that even your kids will want to participate in, and will have them begging to call the movers!


  1. The Price

If you’re looking to get onto the property ladder, then a house is probably going to be a little out of your price range. A condo is an affordable investment that almost anybody could do with a minimal down payment.


  1. Practical Reasons

Having a condo is not only an exciting idea, but it can also be a wonderful practicality. Maybe you’re choosing a place in the city nearby to where you work. If you were to have a late night meeting you would have a safe place that is very close by to crash for the night. Many working professionals buy a condo for this exact purpose, so consider whether it might be the right decision for you.


  1. A Romantic Escape

Let’s say you’ve got a babysitter for the evening or your parents are round to look after the kids for the weekend. You and your other half would probably die for a romantic weekend away from the madness now and again. Buying a condo would work perfectly for this kind of escape, especially when you rarely get enough time together as it is.


So think carefully about investing in your own condo and you might just be able to see the benefits right away. Whether you’re trying to make a bit of extra money on the side or you’re keen to have a quiet place to escape to every once in a while, you won’t regret your decision of buying a condo of your choice.