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One of the hats that I wear as a mother is the balancer of the checkbook.  It’s not a hat that I like to wear.  I wish that we lived in a world where we could just get what we needed (and even some of what we wanted) and it wouldn’t cost us anything.  Unfortunately, that’s not the world that we live in.  Everything comes with a price tag on it.  We are going to purchase the necessities for our house, such as groceries, because that’s what we need to do.  What if I told you there was a simple way that you could earn money simply by buying those groceries?  Guess what.  There is!  It’s called Receipt Hog.


Receipt Hog is an application that you download to your phone.  It’s available on both Apple and Android devices – so pretty much anyone should have access to it.  There are no strings attached or hoops to jump through with this app, which is what makes it one of my favorites.  You don’t even have to search through and see what items qualify with this app!  It’s everything.  Absolutely everything!  All you need is your receipt.


When you’re done shopping, it’s time to feed your hog.  Open the application and hit the camera button to submit your photo.  Snap a picture of the receipt and submit.  It will ask you a two question survey – Rate your experience on a 1 – 5 star scale, and who was shopping with you (male, female, boy, girl).  Answer and submit.  You’re done!  Once processed, you earn coins, spins and entries into drawings.  There are monthly goals that you can hit, usually submitting so many receipts within the month to earn extra spins, that add extra ways to earn.


So what do you get?  Spins, Drawing Entries and Coins!


Spins allow you to play the slot machine.  Pull the handle and see if you can match three images.  If so, you win the number of coins that your group was worth.  Three pig heads is worth $100.  Three apples are worth 5 coins.  You get the idea.  It’s just like going to the casino, but you have nothing to lose!


The entries are for receipt hogs monthly drawings.  The prizes vary each month.  To be honest, I’ve never won one of these and don’t know anyone who has – but the chance is there for you to win.  (And if you do, I’d love to hear it!)


Coins are the major objective on this app.  The coins are what you use to cash in and get your rewards.  You can get Amazon Gift Cards, Paypal Cash or magazine subscriptions.  It’s always super exciting to cash in and earn the rewards for shopping.


While this app won’t get you rich anytime soon, it’s a good one to have on your phone.  I usually use it as a Christmas savings account – saving up my coins throughout the year for a larger cashout around the holidays.  You’re going to shop anyway – so why not get paid to do it?



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