10 Ways to Re-Claim Your Garden

Fall is one of my favorite times of year.  It’s not too hot, not too cold…  It’s just right!  This time of year brings the perfect temperatures for spending time outdoors in your backyard.  Whether your working in your flower garden, cleaning up the vegetable garden to get it ready for next season, or simply enjoying time in the backyard space in general, fixing up your yard can give purpose to the forgotten land that your backyard holds.  Todays contributed piece takes a look at 10 ways you can make your backyard usable during this wonderful season, and all year long!



A lot of people just don’t have time for gardening, and lament the lack of use they get out of it. But there are some simple and easy tricks you can do to reclaim the space from the clutches of nature. Your garden should be one of the areas where you can relax, and just enjoy the day or the evening air, yet most people don’t use it much outside of sunbathing, or letting the kids play in it. It can be so much more if you let it. Like splash day with kids. Take out a garden hose and have fun.


1. Porch or Patio

Creating a porch or patio next to the house sets an area aside for sitting, eating or just enjoying the garden without moving too far away from the kitchen or the warmth of the house. With a garden umbrella, or an overhang from the house the weather won’t be too much of a deterrent.


2. Dinning Area

Setting up a dining area on the patio or porch will allow you to bring some use to the garden, you will have the best of both worlds next to the house while overlooking the lovely view.


3. Space Heathers

For those chillier nights or the winter, you can install some space heaters around the patio or seating area, so that you can still enjoy the garden in the cold – perfect for fireworks.


4. Seating

Whether it’s a swing-bench or some rocking chairs, embrace the southern charm and introduce some extra seating in your garden. You can get some indoor and outdoor rocking chair cushions, so don’t worry about them being uncomfortable.


5. BBQ

Instal a BBQ either as a permanent fixture or one you can pack away. This way you guarantee the use of the garden, not just for you but the whole family.


6. Potted Plants

As well as any flower beds and shrubbery you have in your garden, have some potted plants dotted around. This way when you get bored of the landscape, you can have a move around and have a new garden with minimal effort.



7. Edible Plants

In amongst your regular flora and fauna, plant things like herbs, berry bushes and edible flowers. This way you will interact with your garden on a more regular basis.


8. Mirrors

Placing a mirror or two throughout the garden makes it look bigger and adds an interesting element. Just make sure it won’t directly reflect the sun, or you might have a fire on your hands.


9. Lights

There are a few ways to use lights in your garden – strings of lights through bushes and trees. Lanterns in the flower beds, or spot lights in the paths. Any way you use them, they will transform your garden into a fairy-tale. You can get solar panelled lights so that it doesn’t cost anything to have them.


10. Coat of Paint

If your garden has fences encircling it – or walls, then consider painting them something other than brown. If they are mostly hidden in the shrubbery, paint them to blend in which will make your garden feel bigger.


What’s your favorite part of your backyard garden?


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