Recover Your Passion After Years of Living Together

The longer you live with your partner, the harder it is to rekindle that spark that caused you two to fall in love in the first place. When you share everything from a closet to a bathroom, you might start to feel like you and your partner are more like roommates than lovers. While many couples simply let that passion fall apart until they’re left with no choice but to split up, there are things you can do today to build back that foundation of passion.


Bringing the passion back into your relationship even if you’ve been together for years is a crucial step. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it isn’t as hard as you think. As long as both you and your partner want to make it work, you’re ready to keep that spark alive and find your happily ever after.



Tip 1: Cuddle and Be Affectionate

One of the first things to go in a long-term relationship is affection. Even if you still have an active sex life, how often do you simply touch each other for the sake of intimacy? Things like quick kisses and side hugs become the norm, while passionate embraces and early-morning cuddling are left behind.


First, ban the peck on the lips. Instead, deliver real, passionate kisses to your lover. This is enough to remind even the most long-term partners about that spark from the start of their relationship. In addition, commit to cuddling and affectionate touching. Whether you’re sitting on the couch or getting ready to fall asleep at night in bed, make touching each other a natural thing.



Tip 2: Add Date Night

Date nights are often pushed aside in favor of daily chores and stresses. Yes, you need to finish that last load of laundry. You might even have to worry about getting kids from place to place. These are realities of being an adult in an adult relationship, but they don’t have to mean date nights are gone for good.


Do you remember your first date with your partner? What was it about that time spent together that felt so exciting? Was it the natural intimacy, the conversation, or the fun activity? There are no rules saying you can’t still do these things together. It’s easy to take your partner for granted when you’re stuck in a daily routine. Take a break from the mundane and spend a date night together.



Tip 3: Sexual Recharge

When was the last time the two of you had sex verging on new and exciting? If you’re like most long-term couples, you’ve probably gotten used to the same-old-same-old. Spice up the bedroom with some easy steps. If your partner is the one who usually initiates sex, get in the driver’s seat for once and tell him how much you want him. Everyone wants to feel desired.


Talk to your partner about what they’re interested in trying. Do they have a sexual fantasy they’ve been keeping to themselves? Can you dust off your favorite lingerie? Maybe purchase new plus size accessories by Three Wishes to feel confident no matter your shape or size, or experiment with toys.


Don’t think you have the time? Schedule sex. It might not feel sexy to label that date and time on the calendar, but this is actually a highly recommended method by the top couples therapists. Not only will you have a sexy secret to look forward to, but you’ll be putting sex first in your relationship.



Tip 4: Go Somewhere New

How often do you venture from your comfort zone? There’s a big, wide world out there just waiting to be discovered. Who better to explore with than your best friend and lover? Whether you take a weekend to get away somewhere new or you book a longer trip abroad, this is a great way to escape the normal things that weigh you down at home.


Forget the chores and the to-do lists, this is a time to focus on your partner and your destination. View your partner in a new light. Your relationship will evolve in ways you can’t imagine. The best way to get to know someone is to go somewhere new with them.


Happily Ever After

Your happy ending doesn’t have to resemble a fairytale to make you happy. It’s normal to lose a bit of that spark you share with your partner after living with them for a few years. Don’t let this change alter your relationship forever. You and your partner deserve to cherish and love each other right now and into the future. Try these tips above to rediscover that passion you share.


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