Jet Lag is Such a Drag: Here’s How to Recover Quickly

We have all had the feeling of stepping off a plane after flying hundreds of miles ready to explore an entirely new part of the world. Unfortunately, your plans lie in tatters when you start suffering from an uncontrollable tiredness just a couple of hours later. The longer your journey and the more time zones you cross, the worse this issue tends to be. If you are only on a short trip, jet lag can seriously impair your enjoyment of it. Don’t despair just yet! Here are a few ways that you can get back on track quicker.



Prepare Your Body Beforehand

Depending on which way you are going to be flying (east or west) you can prepare your body on the days prior to your journey by either going to bed steadily later or earlier. It is easiest to do this in small steps, so you could simply make the adjustments by 20 minutes each day. Ensure your sleeping environment is comfortable to make this easier – visit here for more information on mattresses. When you do make the journey, your body should be much readier for it.


Drink Lots of Water (But Give the Alcohol and Caffeine a Miss)

When you spend a long time inside an aeroplane, you will probably find your skin starting to dry out. When the drinks trolley comes around, you should order plenty of water or juice to combat these dehydrating effects. And you should avoid caffeine and alcohol as this can have a detrimental effect when you arrive at your destination.


Go Out in the Daylight

Sunlight inhibits the production of melatonin which is otherwise known as the sleep hormone. So, it helps to go out and about in the daytime so you can soak up as much fresh air and natural sunlight as possible. If you arrive in the middle of the night and you have a converse problem of not being able to switch off, you should make the room you are sleeping in as dark as possible or wear an eyemask and earplugs to block out any distractions.



Don’t Fill Up on Food

Food can actually have a big impact on your ability to get to sleep, so if you are trying to keep yourself awake, you should avoid any carbohydrate-rich food which is going to make you feel heavy and tired. Lighter and more protein-rich food can make a big difference in helping you to feel awake, so try some meat, fish or eggs.


Adjust Yourself to the Rhythm of Your New Destination

Jet lag is a mind game as much as anything else, so you should try to get into the rhythm of your new destination as early as possible. If it is time to eat, then eat, even if you don’t feel that hungry and only have something small. Set your watch to your new time zone and don’t keep having that annoying conversation about what you would usually be doing at home!    


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