How To Refine Your Home’s Design

After living in a family home for a few years, the place is bound to look a little tattered. You’ve had kids who are growing all the time and that means the house is going to feel smaller and smaller as time goes by. Of course, storage space is only part of the problem. You’ve probably noticed that the design looks a little more dated than it originally did and things have started to break or become worn out.


The key to improving your home’s aesthetic is to achieve a timeless look that optimizes the full potential of your house’s space. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. If you screw on your DIY hat then you can do the whole thing yourself. Renovating your home doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s all about the tiny details. Improving a property’s interior design all starts with a little cleaning and tidying, at the end of the day. Here’s some advice on how to refine your home’s design.



Spruce up the kitchen.

We’ll start off with the heart of the home. If your kitchen is looking worn and withered then it’s about time you changed that. You might not place much importance on this room but it holds the entire house together, as we’ve discussed before. It’s not just a room that’s practically important in terms of cooking but it’s also a place for fun and laughter with the family. If you want to love your house then you need to love your kitchen again. And this starts with a little renovation project. You don’t need to fork out a heap of money but you should work to get this space back to a “brand new” state.


Start with the basics. As mentioned over at, the little details make all the difference. Repaint the cabinets to make them look fresh and modern; neutral colors work best. Colors such as white will naturally brighten the room (and this is good advice for any room in your house). You should also put up shelving units if you want to make the room feel more spacious; finding new storage space for loose items in your kitchen will ensure that surfaces look less cluttered. As for the surfaces themselves, you could replace countertops with sealed wood or granite to make them easier to clean and also timelessly stylish if you’re feeling adventurous. The goal is to make your kitchen feel open, clean, and modern.


Convert unused space.

Another way in which you could improve your house’s design is to make better use of unused space in the property. We’ve talked about ways in which you can increase storage space in your house through new shelving units or storing things under the bed, for example, but another way to make your home more spacious is to convert rooms such as the garage, attic, basement, or spare room into a proper living space.


The goal is to essentially create a brand new room. You could even include luxuries such as a pool table in order to turn this space into more of a games room. You might want to head to sites such as if you’re planning on converting the garage and need a little inspiration in order to design a plan. This could really make your home feel bigger. You could use this opportunity to space out some of your possessions so that the rest of the house is less cluttered.


Make the bedroom cozy.

A better home is a cozier home. You won’t feel happy with the design of your humble abode unless you feel comfortable and relaxed in it. That’s why the best room to improve is your bedroom. The ability to go upstairs after a long day and collapse onto a comfortable bed is something that you shouldn’t dismiss. Instead of using your bedroom as a storage space for all of your possessions, treat it more like a place of relaxation. As we’ve discussed throughout this article, smarter storage really improves a home’s design. It makes rooms feel more spacious and breathable.


The point is that you need to take the minimalistic approach to your bedroom if you want it to feel relaxing and comfortable. Getting a chest for the foot of your bed or even creating storage space beneath your bed could be a smarter way to store your possessions so that your bedroom feels a little more open. A firmer mattress and a comfier duvet are also improvements that could improve your bedroom by promoting a better night’s sleep. You need to not only get 8 hours of rest but ensure a good quality of sleep.


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