Remarkably Bizarre Cost Cutting Hacks This Winter

Winter is basically here, which means you need to wrap up warm and stay out of the cold. To do this, the majority of homeowners turn up the thermostat and settle in like a hibernating bear. As effective as it is, the method is costly. So, when spring arrives, you will be as grumpy as a bear with a sore head when you see the energy bill! The key is to stay warm without running up a fortune on gas and electricity. As hard as it sounds, there are weird and wonderful hacks which will come in handy this wintertime.



Install Solar Panels

Using the sun’s rays to create energy is nothing new. In fact, in 2017, it’s becoming one of the most popular forms of energy creation.  Yep, solar installation companies worldwide are profiting from the new, green attitude. But, what is different is using them during the winter because clouds are everywhere. So, the panels won’t work, right? No, that’s wrong because UV radiation pierces through clouds when the weather is murky. Therefore, the boards pick up the rays and continue to create energy even in the winter. The power will be less, of course, but it should be enough to get you through the winter.


Tin Foil The Boiler

The central heating may be at a steady temperature, but the boiler can still lose heat. When this happens, it needs to burn more gas and electricity to keep up with the demands of the thermostat. Sadly, old boilers are the worst as they are energy inefficient. Replacing it is an option as long as you have the money, yet there is a low-tech alternative if you don’t. Just cover the boiler with tin foil or anything that has a reflective surface. The shine should reflect the heat back into the furnace and prevent further heat loss.



Leave The Coat At Home

When the mercury drops, it’s tempting to put on three or four thick coats to shield your body from the cold. Please don’t because it isn’t as effective as you may imagine. Layering up is an excellent hack, but only when you use smaller, thinner layers. For example, it’s best to wear a foundation of t-shirts and sweaters with one thick jacket on top. That way, the base stops the body heat from drifting into the ether and you stay toasty warm. Don’t forget to accessorize when you leave the house, either. A scarf, hat and gloves are essential in the wintertime.


Become A Veggie

Not only do you love meat, but you need a healthy portion to provide energy. Well, in truth, this is not correct. When was the last time you saw a vegetarian withering away by the side of the road? It has never happened because it isn’t a thing! Meat does have valuable nutrients yet it’s possible to replace them with fruits and vegetables. For example, nuts have plenty of protein to help rebuild muscle tissue. The great thing about being a vegetarian is the cost. Vegetables are cheaper to buy and cook because raw food doesn’t require cooking.


Just maybe take a day off at Christmas. After all, someone has to finish off the turkey!


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