Removing The Stress While Removing The Dirt: Avoiding The Anxieties Of Housework

It’s something we all hate doing. But, as we tend to reason with ourselves, “it’s got to be done”. The thing about doing housework is that there is no time to do it, but it takes forever to do. When we have a busy household, and issues like life admin get on top of this, the last thing we want to do is to make the house nice and clean. And for those that don’t have the luxury of hiring someone to do it, it can be very stressful, especially if it’s just you feeling that you need to do all of the housework. So, how can we remove the stress of this?



Go Professional, But Only Once In A While

You might feel that you have absolutely no money to ever hire a professional cleaner, but let’s look at your finances. Are there things that you are paying too much for in your everyday life? For example, are you paying the cheapest possible bills? The thing about getting a cheaper tariff is that it’s easily done now. You can make a phone call, do some research online, and you’ve got a few options at your fingertips so you can reduce your outgoings. And these outgoings that you did spend on household bills can be used for better things. So, if you feel that life is too stressful for cleaning, have a cleaner once in a while. And even if you can’t afford to do it all the time, do it at least once a year so you can avoid the overwhelming prospect of doing a deep clean, or spring cleaning. Hire a carpet cleaning company to do the carpets, or just have someone do the windows if you can’t afford to hire someone to clean the whole of the house, then at least with the money you have saved on the bills, get someone to do a little bit.


Reassess How You Clean The House

Do you find that it’s overwhelming because you do it all at once? If this is you, then it’s time to get smarter about how you clean the house. Instead of doing it all on a Saturday morning, when the house at its most quiet, start to separate the duties. For example, instead of doing a big load of laundry, is it better to do little and often? Or, if you see that the laundry basket is nearing its full capacity, take the initiative and put a load on. Because we all believe that cleaning the house is one major task, as opposed to many small tasks, this is part of the reason we get stressed. So, instead, start to do the smallest tasks as and when you have a spare minute or two. And yes, sometimes it feels like there’s no time to do anything. But, the important thing to remember in this respect is to get into a habit of doing a little bit of cleaning as you go. So, something like vacuuming, you can view as a task that might take an hour or two to do the whole house, or, instead look at it in terms of each room. Are there rooms that are used more than others? Of course, there is, so look at vacuuming them as and when, and something like a handheld vacuum is a lifesaver in this respect. If we can make the house superficially clean, this will be much better in terms of keeping on top of the household chores, rather than waiting for everything to get so dirty that it requires a big clean.


Share The Burden

Is it you doing all the cleaning? If it is, then it’s time to start sharing duties. It’s a big problem between couples who feel they are doing the lion’s share of the tasks. And sometimes, if you’ve got a partner who isn’t getting the hint, then come right out and say that you need some more help with doing the cleaning. You can go down one route and set up a rota, but, it’s unlikely that this will be stuck to, even by yourself. Obviously, life gets in the way. So, make sure that you split the duties equally, or start to communicate the fact that something needs doing. So, if you are unable to vacuum the living room floor because you are unable to do it as you are out, then a simple text asking your partner to do it is a good way to get the hint across literally. And when it comes to things like household chores, when you are asking your partner to do it, they can feel put out by the fact they have to do something. So, the better approach is instead of asking them to complete a big task, like doing the washing up, ask them to take “5 minutes out of the day” to do the dishes. 5 minutes isn’t a long period of time, and so if the attitude towards the task can be changed, and the stress and pressure of it is reduced.


Change Your Attitude To The Task

Much like if you view vacuuming the living room as a quick 10-minute job, if you can change your attitude towards the tasks, and, in other words, make them feel less stressful, this will benefit you in many ways. For example, if you have a mountain of dishes to do, do you have to stand there stressing about the task in front of you? Instead, can you put some music on, your favorite podcast, or even have a film on your iPad in front of you, to make the task more enjoyable? These little changes can make a world of difference in how you complete the task. If you feel that you dread doing the dishes, will you do them as well as you would if you’re in a good mood? Of course not. So, think about this, when you have something to do, pair it with something you really enjoy, and this will send a more positive trigger to your brain.


Yes, nobody likes cleaning the house, but if you can find ways to reduce the stress of it, it will become less of a duty.


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