3 Reasons Why Your Retail Website Isn’t Making Any Sales

Setting up an online retail business from home is easier than ever. There are so many great tools to help you get started and it’s a great way to earn some extra money to boost your family’s finances. However, setting up a business is one thing, but making it successful is a much bigger challenge. A lot of people find that they build a website and attract visitors, but they have a low conversion rate. That means people are coming to the website but they aren’t actually buying any products. If your business is going to take off, you need to work out why your website isn’t converting and do something about it. These are some of the possible reasons why your retail website isn’t converting. 

Lack Of Trust 

Trust is very important in business, especially when consumers are shopping online. Fraud is a big problem online and people are cautious about which sites they put their credit card details into. So, if they don’t trust you, it’s not likely that they will make a purchase. That is a big problem for home based businesses because consumers worry that they won’t have the resources necessary to protect their personal information properly. They may also have worries about the quality of the product. The design of your website makes a big difference here and if it looks amateur, it doesn’t inspire trust. If you want to increase conversions and grow your home based business, you should consider investing money in your website design. You can also build trust by encouraging customers to leave reviews and displaying them on your website. 

The Wrong Kind Of Traffic 

Getting people to come to the site in the first place is important, but that doesn’t guarantee you sales. If you are attracting the wrong kind of traffic and all of the visitors to the site are people that have no interest in your product, your conversion rate will be low. Often, this is because people are using the wrong keywords, so the traffic they get through online searches is not very well targeted. It may be worth speaking to an seo consultant so they can help you to improve your search engine rankings and increase traffic from the right kind of consumers. You should also rethink your online ad strategy if you use them because they may be targeting the wrong people. If you can make sure that you drive the right people to your site, you will see an increase in conversions. 

The Checkout Process Is Bad 

Even if somebody adds a product to their basket, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to buy it. In fact, between 60% and 80% of people abandon their purchase. There are a lot of reasons for this but it is often because the checkout process is bad. If people have to fill out pages and pages of information and you force them to make an account and share their email before buying something, it will put people off. But if you can streamline the checkout process so it is quick and simple, and add a guest checkout feature for people that don’t want to make an account, it makes a big difference. 

If you can fix these simple problems on your website, you should see an increase in conversions. But if that still doesn’t work, you may have bigger issues with the price, or even the product itself.