Revamp Your Rented Home Without Upsetting the Landlord!

When you’re renting a home, making it personal to you can be a little tricky. It’s not like you can start removing walls, building extensions or fitting a new kitchen- you have to work with what you’ve got. In some cases, you might not be allowed to make any changes whatsoever. However just because you rent rather than own your property, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be personal to you- either way, it’s still your home! Here are are some ideas for sprucing it up without upsetting the landlord.


Get Smart With Redecoration

In many rented properties, you’re limited when it comes to decor as you can’t make too many changes. However, there are a few hacks you could try. First of all, if your kitchen or bathroom is quite old and looks worse for wear, or is a color that you really don’t like- you could lay some vinyl over the top. Since this can easily be pulled up without damaging the floor underneath, it’s a smart choice for rented homes. Sites like will have different styles and thicknesses, so it’s all about working out what suits your home and budget. Other ways you could get smart with decor is to opt for easy to remove wallpaper. This comes off in one strip without leaving marks behind. You should speak to your landlord first and ask, but if you just do a feature wall and let them know which kind of paper you plan on using many are likely to approve. That way you can remove it easily at the end of your tenancy.


Change The Fixtures and Fittings

If you’re a long-term tenant and don’t plan on moving for a long time, these kind of changes are worth doing as it makes your rented home feel so much more personal. Things like drawer and door handles, curtain poles, light fixtures, even taps can be changed- just make sure you keep the originals when you move. If your rented home has very old, unstylish or fixtures that aren’t to your taste this is a good way to personalize it. These details can make all the difference, even an old kitchen or bathroom for example can look significantly better with just a new tap.


Add Personal Items

Even if your rented home is a true blank canvas and the landlord wants it to stay that way, there’s plenty you can do to liven up the space inside. Sumptuous curtains, cozy rugs, living plants to add color and texture. You could even hang things on the walls without causing damage using Command hooks. Once you have your own personal items in, plain walls and neutral decor won’t look so stark, and you can still make it look like your space without having to pick up a paintbrush. Rugs, curtains, lamps, vases, these can all add color without having to make any permanent changes.



What changes have you made in your rented property so that it feels more personal?

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