Fun & Small Additions To Revivify Your Bedroom

Our bedroom is the place we go to relax, to become introspective, and to generally unwind from a long day of doing plenty. We are energetic organisms, and without a space like this for us to detoxify and unwind, we would often feel spent and overtly drained. However, a bedroom that doesn’t work for us can also restrict us from relaxing to the degree that we’d most like to.


There are many fun and small additions to your bedroom that can potentially yield significant and magnificent results. If you have the capacity to, you might find that their installation allows your bedroom to feel much more furnished and enjoyable than at any other time. Here are a few additions to revivify your bedroom, adding an element of fun and class in equal measure.




The vital component of our bedroom is our bed. It’s named the BEDroom, not the SLEEProom after all. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that our beds work for us, and not the other way around. If you are uncomfortable at night in any way, it can be worth the investment to change. Opting for a new memory foam mattress and pillow set, or using waterbeds to our full advantage can allow us to relax and sleep at night with an added degree of comfort. It’s usually a good time to change if your mattress is older than five years, is in a state of disrepair, or has become a place for small pests to breed.


Himalayan Salt Lamps

One of the best methods of detoxifying your room is to install a Himalayan salt lamp. Not only do these pink and orange crystal lamps look wonderful on the surface, but they emit negative ions in your room. This is perfect if your room is filled with electronic equipment such as televisions and computers, and the emissions these items give off can often reduce relaxation and increase the general levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) that you experience.


Himalayan salt lamps often look wonderful, give off plenty of warm light, and can feel calming to have by your bedside all by themselves. Often, the light they give is non-offensive and subtle, meaning that reading at night will likely not awaken your partner if you’re struggling to sleep.


AI Help

Installing an Amazon Alexa, a Homepod or a Google Home appliance in your bedroom can work wonders in helping you remember the responsibilities of the following day, or simply give you the opportunity to work better without interruption at night. They can play calming music at slowly increasing volumes to help you awake naturally in the morning, and can also non-intrusively help you become aware of the weather, important news stories and traffic routes as soon as you get up. They can serve a voice-operated purpose, allowing you to regain the time it takes to jot all this in a notebook at night. Not only this, but one or more units can be synced across your home and even in your car, meaning that the spawn for good ideas starts in your bedroom, and from there emanates around your entire life.


With these tips in mind, you can be sure that revivifying your bedroom is easier done than said.


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