Great Roof Repair Tips That Won’t Break the Bank

The roof is without a doubt the most important component of any structure and repairs will have to be made sooner or later. For the average Australian homeowner, roofing equates to a big-ticket repair, yet this doesn’t always have to be the case. Some roofing contractors will try to persuade you to go for a re-roofing, when in fact, a repair can be just as effective, yet much cheaper. Of course, there are times when a roof repair is a temporary fix and in such a case, it might make sense to follow the expert’s advice and replace the roof tiles.



Asking for Quotes

In your search for a Sydney roofing contractor company, make sure you ask at least 3 different contractors and if they all recommend re-roofing, the chances are that is the best solution. If the problem lies within a small area, it might be possible to locate some identical roof shingles and with a high-pressure water clean, your roof will be as good as new. Treat each contractor as a separate entity and don’t mention what the others recommended, which should give you an honest assessment of the available options.


Sourcing a Leak 

If the roof looks fine, yet you have a damp patch on one of the upstairs ceilings, you likely have a small leak and this can be sourced quite easily. Locate the corresponding area above the damp area and using a hose, trickle water just above the affected area, then go check the damp patch one more time. If you found the water seep, then you have isolated the problem and when you call in the roofing contractor, he won’t have to source the leak, which will save you some money. If you fancy fixing it yourself, there is a handy step by step guide on sourcing and repairing a leaking roof, complete with images online.


Inspect the Attic

This will give you a clear indication of the rafter and joist conditions, and with a flashlight, work your way around, looking for damp or decayed timber. In the event you find something amiss, you can evaluate the damage yourself, then when you call in your local roofing contractor, there will be no surprises.


Image Source: Unsplash


Cleaning Out the Guttering

This should be done every few months, especially if you have overhanging tree branches, as leaf build up will likely cause a blockage.  If you are not comfortable working at heights, this is something your local roofing contractor would be happy to do; and while he’s there, you can ask him to give the roof a thorough inspection.


When a roofing company recommends a major roofing repair, it makes sense to get a second, or even a third opinion. Only then can you be sure of all your options and while re-roofing might be the best solution, a small repair could do the job just as well.


Most people know next to nothing about the inner workings of a roof, which is why we rely so heavily on the expert, and with a second opinion, you can move forward with some confidence that your investment will be a wise one.