Rustic Decor Ideas for a Humble Home

Who says that you need fancy modern furniture and minimalist design to make something look good? Instead of focusing on those high-tech design trends of the 21st century, why not take a trip down memory lane and invest in some rustic decor ideas that will transport you back in time. Sometimes, it’s best to keep things nice and simple. Be closer to nature with earth colors and wooden walls, or replace your modern metal and plastic furniture with a refined and luxurious piece of wooden furniture. No matter how big or small your room or even your home is, here are some rustic decor ideas that will transform your home.



Wooden Walls

Wooden walls create the perfect starting place for a rustic home. Thankfully, there are plenty of wall treatments that could transform your walls into wooden masterpieces that will make your home look more like a rustic cottage hidden away in the countryside.


Stone Walls

However, using stones and bricks can also give you a rustic feeling. It’s a good idea to consult a contractor before replacing walls with brick or stone because it could come with many structural problems that aren’t immediately obvious.


Earthy Colors

If you’re not committed enough to changing walls or getting new furniture, then some paint could do the trick. Use earthy colours like light brown, light green, black, whites–any colours that you would find in a woodland.


Rustic Shelves

Wooden shelves created from planks of wood are beautiful, simple and easy to install. Simply purchase a cut-to-size piece of wood, get a couple of nails with some brackets and hammer them into your wall for a simple, beautiful and classic shelf.


Wooden Racks

You can add wooden racks to compliment the wooden shelve idea. Wooden racks could be used to hold everything from wine to books and even cutlery. Place it in your kitchen to help you hold utensils and other items, or stick it in your bedroom to place your phone, keys and other miscellaneous items.


Pallet Benches

If you’re looking for a rustic piece of furniture to place in the garden or in your hall, then look no further than a pallet bench. These are simple to create, making them a great weekend DIY project and they’re inexpensive as well. Add a cushion or two and they’ll make comfortable and cheap seats for your guests to use.



Tree Trunk Clock

A tree trunk clock is another rustic idea that is simple to create and oozes with style. You can even create your own, but these don’t cost much and unique designs can be found at most furniture or gift stores. You could also just buy one online if you’re unsure where you find one in your local area.


Wooden Hangers

A slab of wood can easily be bolted to a wall to create a beautiful and humble hanger. Use it to hang clothes, pans, cutlery, cups–anything you can think of!


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