The Sanctuary Every Mom Needs And How To Get It

Let’s face it, every mom needs her pawn downtime at some point. We are expected to just continue to run even when ours tank is empty, with a family to take care of, a house to run and a job to keep going it can often get too much. While not all of us can afford a sap day to relax and unwind you can create your very own sanctuary at home and it might be in the place you least expect. Your bedroom. This room is where you go to each night to actually rest, so why not invest in the space and make it a much nicer environment to be in? Helping you to get that downtime you deserve. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can improve your bedroom space.



Invest in key pieces of furniture

One of the first things people need to consider is the furniture they have in their bedrooms, and this might mean a new bed, new storage options and treating yourself to a new mattress. You need to be able to enjoy the southern living theme or romantic appeal that you are going for with the decoration and feel that you can relax into a serene slumber when your head hosts the pillows. For as long as it takes before a child needs your attention that is.


Think about the color scheme

Colors can play a vital role when it comes to the decoration of your home and so you may want to take some time to consider more calming choices. We all have our favorite colors, but if this’d is too bright on the walls it can close a room in and also keep your mind stimulated. There are a list of colors that can help you to relax and get a good night’s sleep.


Add an ambience

It is all about the ambience that you can create when it comes to your bedroom and so candles and scents are a great way to do that. Combining them both can mean you are on to a winner. Scents that are particularly good for the bedroom include chamomile and lavender. The light a candle can give off can also be relaxing and the warm glow can help you to relax.


Keep it tidy and clutter free

You also need to think of some of the other ways you mind can stay stimulated and clutter can also be a real big subject of this. Too much stuff around can’t cause you to feel messy in the mind and so having a clutter free zone could be the answer. Of course, there are things you need in your bedroom but creating their right level of storage can help you to keep things tidy.


Don’t use it for anything else

Finally, make sure that you use your bedroom as a place to sleep and relax in. Try  and avoid other tasks in there such as working on your laptop or doing household chores like ironing. It will then help you to associate your bedroom with sleep and not all the tasks you need to do.

I hope that these tips help you get the sanctuary you deserve.



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