Save Your Energy! Top Power-Saving Devices for Your Home

Energy efficiency is something that homeowners up and down the country are striving to achieve. As well as being much kinder to the planet, it is also much kinder to your wallet as installing the right devices will save you significant cash on your household bills. Though big budget solutions like solar power are all well and good, here we will look at a few simpler solutions for people who have a smaller budget but are still looking to make a big difference.



Smart Thermostats

The advances that have been made in household heating in the past few years are significant. No longer do you simply have to adjust the temperature based on time; smart thermostats can recognise your patterns and adjust the heat accordingly. You can even install devices which allow you to control your heating from your smartphone so you don’t have to worry about it being too warm in the house when you are out or too cold when you get back home again.


Energy Star Appliances

There are all manner of appliances out there which save on your bills thanks to reduced energy usage. So, if you are looking for a refrigerator, microwave or even a kettle, check for the Energy Star rating as these types of product often end up paying for themselves in just a few months. Over time, you can gradually start making the switch with all your devices and make increased savings.


Tankless Water Heaters

Most conventional water heaters tend to waste energy due to the fact they use a high amount of energy to heat all the water in the tank at once. This process can cause a lot of strain on the tanks so you end up needing repairs or replacements. Tanks like the EcoSmart tankless water heaters listed here directly heat the water as it is used. This makes them the more energy efficient choice and the maintenance costs also tend to be lower.


Smart Power Strips

Unused appliances which are left plugged in can end up costing you a significant amount on your monthly electricity bill. Instead of having to go through the effort of always making sure these are unplugged, you can get some smart power strips which cut off the power supply to devices when it is not needed. And they also have the advantage that you won’t have to strain yourself getting at sockets in awkward locations.



Smart Windows

You may not really think all that much about the role that windows play in the climate of your home, but it has been estimated that smart windows can save you somewhere in the region of 30% on your energy bills. They essentially help to keep excess heat out in the summer and cold out in the winter which has got to be a good thing!


Making these upgrades and others can really help to improve your home’s green credentials and stop your household bills from spiralling out of control.


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