Savvy Savings On Your Car Insurance This Summer

You love your car, but the expenses for it are a little hard to come by, particularly the car insurance. Whether you’re driving a vehicle for the first time or you’re a seasoned driver, there are savings to be made when your car insurance comes a-knockin. This is your chance to instantly make some savings and so don’t hit the buy/renewal button just yet! Shop around and scout the market, with the below advice in mind. 




For those who don’t know, a Blackbox is a device about the size of a smartphone. And it sits in the car and monitors your speed, the distance you travel and your driving style.

Now, in all truth, we know what you’re thinking –  that you don’t want to be limited by a Blackbox while you’re driving. But hear this out for a moment, and you’ll be heading to in no time. If you’re a new driver, you’re unlikely to be hitting the gas anyway, the last thing you want is an accident in your first year or say bye to your license after driving recklessly before you’ve had any real-time on the road. For experienced drivers – your car racing days are over anyway! You’re hardly zooming to the corner shop or speeding down a highway when there’s a speed limit. And so when you think about it, will getting a Blackbox fitted really make much difference to your driving life? Probably not. Other than making you savvy savings that you can’t ignore of course! 


Shop Around 

Inevitably, if you’re interested in making savings, as with buying most products and services in life, you’ll have to shop around. Sign up to and fill in your details on several comparison websites, however, by no means limit yourself to these sites. The reason being is that there are insurance providers out there who may not be listed on these platforms, and so you could be missing out on a steal unless you put your feelers out across the web.


Tweak Your Details

Just to clarify! You don’t want to lie on your insurance quote. For a whole list of reasons, but mainly because should you need to claim and you’re asked to prove the details on your application, the insurance company may not payout for your accident of the details you provided were false. What you can do, however, is tweak your application. Such as the start date of your insurance and your expected mileage. For example, you may very well only do 4000 miles, but there is no harm in upping the numbers to see if the car insurance quote costs change.


Each and every year make it a saving habit of yours to make an effort for no more than an hour of your time to find the best car insurance could mean you save hundreds of dollars on your car insurance. This will free up cash for you to put into your savings or even to spend on your road trip this summer!