Saving Money On A Family Holiday Abroad

Taking a whole family abroad on holiday can be expensive. Fortunately, there are a number of tricks to save costs. Here are just a few ways that you book a family holiday affordably.



Take advantage of earlybird deals

Booking far in advance can often get you much cheaper deals. Some airlines may even offer free upgrades or allow a child to fly for free. Hotels may also offer massive discounts to those that book early. On top of this, booking early may allow you to pay in smaller installments so that it’s not such a heavy hit on your bank account. Last minute deals can be equally cheap, however these require a level of spontaneity which may not be possible.


Go all inclusive

All-inclusive holiday packages can make things cheaper and easier to organize. They involve the flights, hotels, transfers and food. Some may even include a free bar, although there’s likely to be a limited menu of drinks to choose from. Check the terms and conditions when choosing the deals to ensure that they really are all-inclusive – some may not include airport transfers or baggage.


Shop for holiday coupons

Sites like Groupon can offer massive promotions on holidays in the form of coupons. Similarly, you may be able to find these coupons in newspapers and magazines. Make sure to always check the dates of these deals so that you make use of them when they’re still valid.


Use holiday point schemes

Some clubs offer the ability to build points allowing you to save money on luxury accommodation such as Marriott Vacation Club Pulse, San Diego. You may have to pay to become a member of these clubs, which is a cost worth weighing up. By building more points, you can stay at better hotels. You may even be able to fit in multiple holidays in one year using this system.


Choose out of flavor locations

The most popular holiday destinations are often the most expensive as they know that there will be a steady demand. Opting for more out of flavor locations could you access to better holiday deals for the same amount of luxury. Rather than going to the Caribbean, you could try booking a relaxing vacation in Costa Rica – the beaches and weather is much the same as is the standard of the hotels, only much cheaper. For a European holiday, why not head to Eastern Europe? Rather than heading to Thailand or Bali, why not try Vietnam or Cambodia?


Avoid popular times of the year

You can also save money by avoiding certain busy times of the year. School holidays are generally the most expensive times to go away and you may not be able to take a vacation during term time without getting a fine. That said, if you’re traveling with kids that are too young for school, it’s worth taking advantage of these out-of-season deals. May and September are the best times to go – the chance of good weather is high and many resorts are still open.


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