Garment Guides: Saving Money On Your Winter Wardrobe

We have come to the point in the year where a summer wardrobe simply won’t do. Cold temperatures outside are sure to make us feel nippy and chilled for most of the day and indeed the night. A sundress will merely cut it no longer, no matter how good you look wearing it. For this reason, wrapping up warm and tight in layers is a beautiful piece of advice, and affords us some new and innovative means of fashion.


However, not all of our clothes from the previous year are likely to have lasted the summer. Often, we need to dress for the winter and by extension, pay out a large sum in acquiring new clothing. This can undoubtedly drain your wallet or purse at a time where saving for the festivities is of paramount importance. For this reason, it’s crucial to stay wise about the whole affair, and do everything you can to save money, or at least stretch it as far as it can go.


Luckily, you have come to this little corner of the internet which will guide you regarding how to achieve this. Look no further for some simply, practical garment acquisition tips:



Use Seller Apps

eBay made a huge impression when it burst onto the scene in the early 2000’s. People were selling all of their junk and prized possessions alike from far and wide, and items of value were sort after, acquired and paid for. In this spirit, and utilizing the portability of smartphones, there are many services you can use in the modern day to give yourself that positive push towards acquiring new clothes on the cheap. Apps such as Depop and Shpock offer you a repository of vintage clothes and give you brilliant review and chatting functionalities to identify if your seller is trustworthy. If you’re looking for a specialist item, or you’re simply sick of high street stores and wish to check out the personal collections of clothing enthusiasts, this can be the best place to start.


Not only this, but signing up as a seller affords you the opportunity to pair your unwanted summer items or items that no longer fit with people from around your country. This can give you an awesome means of building up funds for both new clothing and the festive season alike.




Credit cards exist for this time of year, but acquiring clothes is certainly a great place to start. Not only can the size and price of the clothing you acquire be purchased at intervals over the coming weeks, but paying off these small and affordable returns can help you build your credit score. This is perfect for if you’re hoping to finance a gift or treat yourself to something substantial when the end of the year rolls around. It’s wise to be smart about this in the indulgent season, so be sure to check out for the most pressing credit wisdom.


With these tips, you can be sure that your winter wardrobe will come to you almost immediately and at a price point you can feel encouraged by.

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