Saving For School – Overcoming Educational Expenses

Who knew that going to school could be so expensive? Even if your kids aren’t at a costly private school, you will still find that there are various expenses and costs that will add up to make your kids’ school life an expensive few years. There’s no wonder that all of this spending can be quite stressful for parents, especially if they have other financial pressures.


Thankfully, though, you don’t have to struggle too much with these school expenses. There are some ways you can try and bring them down to a much more affordable price. Read on to find how to do just that!



Make Packed Lunches

One of the biggest annual expenses that parents have to dig deep for is school meals. Even though they are quite reasonably priced, the cost of the five days a week will quickly add up and this can become quite a burden for parents who don’t have a whole lot of money to spare. Thankfully, though, the majority of schools will have some financial help for families who are on a low income. It’s worth contacting your child’s school to find out exactly what is available. However, there is another very low-cost option – you just need to make packed lunches for your kids. Sure, you will have to buy your own ingredients and make up a lunch every school night, but it will work out a lot cheaper for you in the long run.




Find Financial Help For Trips

Another big expense that parents have to try really hard to budget for is the annual school trip. Some schools may even have more than one trip each year which is another big expense to have to deal with. There are lots of information details online on how you can get on top of your personal debt that would make it easier to afford all the trips. It’s also worth checking to see if the school offer any financial relief for children who come from low-income backgrounds. They might be able to offer you a school loan or they might be able to put a payment plan in place for you. Some schools might even be able to lower the overall price of the school trip for you. If the school isn’t able to help you out financially, there are some other ways you might be able to find the money. For instance, it could be possible going to your child’s grandparents to see if they are able to help put some money together.



Go To The Library For Books

Once your child gets to a certain age, you will need to start buying textbooks and exercise books for them. This can add up to a very princely sum and can become a huge financial drain on your bank account. You will be able to find them second hand on sites such as eBay and other online auction sites. It’s also worth seeing if any of your friends or relatives have any old exercise books from when their children were at school. If you have some older children, it’s a good idea to keep hold of all of their old books as your children might be able to use them once they are at the right age.



Shop Around For A Uniform

Another expense that most schools put on school children and their parents is a uniform. You will most likely have to buy various items of clothing so that your kids can wear the correct uniform at school. Some schools also have a special sports kit that you will need to buy for the sports classes as well. Thankfully, though, it’s normally only children over a certain age that are required to wear a uniform, so you will be spared this expense for the first few years. But once it comes round to your child needing to wear a uniform, you will find that it can get very expensive! The chances are that the school will give you the details of their official supplier. This is the shop where they expect you to buy every item of the uniform. Thankfully, though, if you shop around a bit you should be able to find some cheaper items. You will be able to get school trousers and plain polo shirts for very reasonable prices at budget clothes stores. Unfortunately, though, you will have to buy any monogrammed items of clothing that kids need to wear or any items that need to have the school emblem on them.



Label All Of Your Child’s Belongings

One of the main things which really annoys and angers most parents is when their kids end up losing some of their school items and uniform. It means that they need to go out and buy replacements, and that can end up very expensive – especially if your kids are very forgetful and are always misplacing their belongings! Because so many young children regularly lose their things, it’s a good idea to label everything that they need to take with them to school. Even their clothes – you will be able to buy labels that you can write their names on and then sew or stick into their shirt collars, for instance. You’ll be able to find stickers that can stick onto most materials, so you will also be able to label tricky items such as a metal pencil case.



Carpool For The School Run

Are you getting sick of all the money you are spending on petrol? The school run will be a lot of journeys to and from school each week and it will slowly push up your weekly petrol cost. You can cut down on spending so much money on this if you get together with some other of the parents from school and start a carpool. That way, you won’t have to take your child in every single day!


Hopefully, all of the tips above can help you cut down on some of the most significant costs once your kids go to school!


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