The Secrets of Kids Who Seldom Get Sick

There’s always that one kid in the neighborhood who never comes down with colds, flu and other common childhood illnesses when pretty much everyone else’s kids do. Have you ever wondered why that is? It’s not simply down to genes or super-attentive parents ( I bet you’re one of those and your kids still get sick, right?); it’s more likely to be down to that extra-healthy kids’ habits. What exactly are these habits? Read on to find out…



Regular Handwashing

Washing one’s hands regularly, as I’m sure you will know, is one of the best ways to avoid passing on germs that can cause everything from stomach flu to viruses. You probably tell your kids to wash their hands, but if you aren’t enforcing it as well as you could and you haven’t made it clear to them why it’s so important, then maybe they aren’t doing it as often as the healthy kid on the block. Teach them the happy birthday song/handwashing technique. That way, you can be more confident that they’re washing their hands regularly and right.


Taking Vitamins

Chances are that ridiculously healthy kid you know never fails to take his Guardian Gummies every day, and going this will help to ensure that he gets his full quota of vitamins and minerals for the day. This will mean that he has a strong immune system that helps to fight off any nasties before they can make him sick.


Regular Exercise

That sickness-free kid probably also gets some exercise every day. Sure, he’s probably not hitting the gym – what kid does that? –  but if you think about it, you’ll have probably seen him running around, playing catch, hitting up the park, climbing trees and stuff like that. The more active you can encourage your kids to be, the less likely they are to get the flu – as much as 50 percent less likely, in fact.



Sleeping Soundly

Kids who go to bed early every night and wake up at the same time each morning are almost 50 percent less likely to get a cold or flu than those who don’t. So, find you how much sleep your kids need at their age and ensure they get enough shut-eye for their body to work at its best.


Eating a Balanced Diet

You can bet that the healthiest kid in your neighborhood doesn’t spend his days snacking on candy and chips, nor does he always eat out – he eats healthy, balanced home cooked meals that comprise of vitamin-rich fruits, veggies and whole grains and he always has done. If you want your kids to be as healthy as him, encourage them to eat more healthy foods and less junk, if they aren’t already to further boost their vitamin intake.


If you can get your kids to follow these healthy habits, then you can pretty much guarantee that they’ll have stronger immune systems, which are better able to fight off and threats and keep them blissfully illness free (most of the time anyway).

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