The Secrets To A Relaxing Bath

Can you imagine anything more relaxing than lying down in a warm bath, shutting your eyes to the madness of the world and enjoying a moment of peace in your bathroom? You might even have a cheeky glass of wine on the side or a soothing cup of chai. Doesn’t it sound like a glorious way to finish a busy week? So, anyway, before you let the water run, maybe it’s time to wonder if you’ve got everything it takes for the most relaxing bath experience.



#1. Don’t run out of water

As silly as it might sound, everything starts with your water supply. You wouldn’t want to run out of warm water half-way through filling the tub. That’s precisely why, if you’re a bath lover, you should invest in a cost-friendly water-heating solution. Indeed, a tankless water heater can be the best solution to get an infinite supply of water in a family home. No need to worry about the next person having to take a cold shower after you’ve enjoyed your bath when your equipment can heat the water as it comes.


#2. Find the best bathtub

How old is your bathtub? If it’s been around for over 8 years, it’s fair to say that you can be struggling with limescale marks and stains you can’t clean anymore. You can’t enjoy a soothing bath in these conditions. Instead, take a look at Kardiel modern bathtubs to get an idea of the current trends in the bathroom sector. Freestanding and stylish shapes are a hit in modern households.


#3. It’s all in the scents

Relaxing is a sensory experience. While the water that wraps your body induces tranquility and helps to release muscular tensions, you can also help to address the tension in your mind with scented candles. The Healthista team relaxing candles list is a handy guideline if you’re worried about toxic ingredients. Here, these natural candles are great to address nervosity, stress, anxiety and low mood.



#4. Avoid bath bombs

Bath bombs are exciting. There’s no denying it. They come in a variety of shapes – some as imaginative as a teacup or a unicorn – and colors. They are also great fun to watch as they dissolve into the water and make it look as if you were bathing in vibrant paint. But they are not exactly relaxing when you think about it. For instance, many women have complained about the difficulty to get rid of the glitter and other decorative particles after the bath. Additionally, it’s fair to say that if you have to take a shower to clean from your bath experience, it probably doesn’t deserve to be described as relaxing.


#5. A soft and lovely towel

Seriously, who wants to exchange the warmth of bath water for a thin and scratchy towel? No one, of course! However, too many people end their bath experience by wrapping themselves in an uncomfortable towel. Keep a large and fluffy towel to dry your skin gently after your bath. Or why not wrap yourself in a long robe?


You can’t be sure you’ll love your bath experience if you don’t pay attention to every single detail, from your water heater to your towels. Only then can you relax and let the water wash all your worries away.

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