Ways Self Care Benefits Your Health

The term “self care’ gets bandied around a lot, normally in reference to treating yourself to those new shoes or that luxurious facemask. But while these are elements of self care, there’s so much more to it than superficial treats. 

Self care is incredibly important to our mental and physical welfare, which is why it’s important to embrace the true meaning of the phrase rather than digesting its commercialised form. At its core, self care is about treating yourself more kindly, to focus on what you and your body needs; it puts you first so that you receive the proper care you need.

Improved Physical Health

One of the most obvious reasons for practicing self care is how it benefits the body. When we’re in a state of distress, often detached from our sense of self, we can begin to neglect our healthcare routine. We might stop going to see the doctor with alignments, fail to attend annual dental check-ups, and generally take less pride in our appearance. By embracing self care, you reconnect with yourself, therefore encouraging the need to take care of your body. Improving your oral hygiene by attending an appointment, showering regularly, maintaining an exercise regime — it all helps keep us in prime condition. 

Relaxed State of Mind

There’s always going to be times when our anxiety gets the better of us, but with regular self care, you can help ease those stresses before they take hold. By taking the time to meditate for 10-20 minutes a day, or by incorporating a nightly bath into your routine, can help rid the body of the tension it’s carrying. When some of us become too stressed, we start to shut down mentally, meaning that we’re unable to carry out everyday commitments; if we’re relaxed and able to self soothe, we can tackle whatever is thrown at us more effectively.

Increased Productivity

Connected to the relaxation of our mind is an increase in productivity. When you start taking more time for yourself, you can begin to organise the aspects of your life that cause stress. Put simply, it refocuses you so you can identify what matters. Once you feel calmer and more switched on to the world around you, you can be more actively involved. A great asset is NLP Coaching as your mind and body will feel better prepared to handle those chores and/or work tasks, as well as feeling less anxious in socially stimulating environments. 

Kinder to Ourselves

We’re all our own worst critics, some of us more than others. A healthy approach to how we see and interact with ourselves is one of the main benefits of self care. Consider how you scold yourself when you’re upset or angry — is that how you’d treat someone you care about? Most likely it isn’t. If you wouldn’t act that way to someone you care about, then you shouldn’t act that way to yourself. For ways to start being kinder, here’s some hot tips for physical actions that aid self care.