What Should Self-Confidence Mean In 2020?

Self-confidence is a tricky thing to measure and quantify. Sometimes, it can seem so obvious. When we finish working out in the morning, we can leave the gym feeling ten feet tall, as if nothing could stop us that day. When we decide to take a risk and it ultimately pays off, we may feel strong in ourselves and willing to take extra steps forward. Additionally, reminding yourself of your power from time to time can be an exercise in self-belief.

But what should self-confidence mean in 2020? After all, this is a year where many old lines of thinking are starting to develop or be subverted entirely. From the powerful protests that are taking place across the globe to artists such as Megan Thee Stallion redefining what it means to state her power in sexuality and subvert old tropes, it can seem that the tides are shifting in terms of how people view themselves and society at large.

That being said, self-confidence is not a movement, it in an internal fire we must kindle. So, how do we approach that task? With the following, best mindset available:

Finding Your Best Self-Image

Finding the self-image and style that works for you is important. Note that this is not the style that works for everyone else, or the style that you feel you should have rather than the one you desire. For some, this might mean finally getting that tattoo they have dreamed of. For others, it means forgetting the worries of alopecia and rocking your beautiful hairless aesthetic with confidence, or using it as an excuse to wear wigs that help you feel fantastic. It might even be that large butt implants are your thing. Whatever you opt for, make sure it’s you, and enjoy it unapologetically. Life is too short to ask permission to be who you are.

Accepting No Compromises

Accepting no compromises is a worthwhile and vindicating mindset to take. Note that this doesn’t have to make you brittle or tense. For instance, if a date stands you up without warning but then begs for a second chance with lame excuses, you’re within your right to completely nullify the relationship, at any time. If you put in all the work at home, it’s your right to ask your spouse to contribute more than they have. This falls directly in line with:

Understanding Your Worth

Understanding your worth is important. This can help you stand up for yourself when necessary. For instance, if someone in the gym seems to be intimidating you so you stop using a piece of equipment they are waiting for, you can stand your ground and ask them what they’re doing. Often, a strong personality like this can help you nip issues in the bud, without being ignorant or overly aggressive in turn. When you understand your worth, trust us when we say you are unstoppable.

With this advice, you’re sure to understand what self-confidence means in 2020. Moreover, you’re more likely to integrate this into your life.