Why Self-Indulgence Is Good For You (And How To Do It More Often)

Busy moms everywhere have one thing in common. They sacrifice everything for their kids! This often means they give up every spare moment they have to their families. It’s what being a mom is all about. But there are times when this is defeating the objective. You want to be there for the kids. You want your home to be a safe, happy, and healthy place to live. And you probably want to be earning some money to be able to give your kids all that they desire. Pushing yourself to achieve so much can be harmful to your health!



A little self-indulgence can go a very long way.

Of course, what we moms might call self-indulgence, others would call ‘me’ time. That’s the hour or so every day we take for ourselves. Moms shouldn’t feel guilty for this. It is essential for good mental, emotional and physical health. If you run yourself into the ground, you’re not going to be much good for the kids.


So how can you fit this ‘me’ time into your day?

Doing something for yourself is important so don’t feel that it’s self-indulgent to prioritize those minutes for you. Top and tail each day. Twenty minutes before the kids get up, twenty minutes before bed, and maybe twenty minutes somewhere in the middle could work. Of course, a solid hour might allow you to undertake activities that are even more beneficial.


What can you do that’s just for you?

There are plenty of choices here. You can choose activities that promote physical fitness like an exercise class or a simple jog around the block. Or you might choose something that promotes relaxation like booking in for a massage. Why not try a meditation, or simply lay down on the sofa with a good book?



Investing in your time

If you want to make a point of maximizing your ‘me’ time each day, then why not invest in one or two additions to your home to help with that? Installing a sauna or a hot tub offers you a way to relax and rejuvenate the body. The time spent relaxing and ‘indulging’ in there can be therapeutic for the mind too. Both options will require a little of your time each week in maintenance. If you opt for the hot tub, you might want to check out these facts about using iONRx to keep it hygienic. For a few minutes of your time cleaning, you can enjoy plenty of time relaxing in style.


Indulging in the finer things

Do you ever treat yourself to that luxury box of chocolates or that bottle of bubbly? What about an exclusive restaurant dinner? Treating yourself from time to time helps you to remember just how much you deserve it. You work hard and give everything of yourself to your family. That should definitely be rewarded! Treats are just as important as regular ‘me’ time to help you feel that your efforts are recognized. Do you take enough time to self-indulge?


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