Self Sufficiency: Maintenance And Repairing Your Home

Homes are like living creatures because they grow old as we do. Although we would like to think of our homes as solid and able to keep functioning for years and years, it’s just not the case. Sooner or later something goes wrong, and it feels like it came out of the blue. However, issues just simply arrive out of thin air. A home should be maintained by the owner and care should be implemented especially in the weakest areas. Not everyone is going to be a handyman, but surely, this doesn’t mean you can’t try to fix problems which can arise. Simply problems can be fixed without the need to call out a professional, but you’ve also got to know what they are.



Simple electrics

The basics of electric item maintenance fall mostly in the safety area of the home. Your fire alarms should be fitted after they have been cleaned. By opening and halving the alarm, you’ll be able to see the filter by which smoke enters and the sensor then set off the alarm. With a lukewarm and slightly damp tissue or cloth, clean this out because as the years go by, dust accumulates in this filter which will impede smoke from entering so easily. Light Bulbs are much as the same. It’s no coincidence that some bulbs start to flicker or the filament goes weak. Dust also enters into the socket and blocks the bulb from getting the right amount of power. Shut the power off before you take out the bulbs, and wipe the socket with a dry cloth.


Maze of pipes

All around your home there are pipes in the walls. From heating pipes for the central heating to the water pipes to sinks, showers, and bathtubs. These pipes need to be maintained all throughout the year, especially as the colder months arrive, the pipes will begin to contract, and cracks can appear. However, not all homes have access to the plumbing as so, what could have been a simple fix, is allowed to transpire into something much more complex and costly. Fitting an drywall access panel to all your walls where there is piping is a great way to not make a large change to the aesthetics of your home, while also being able to fix problems. During the winter you will need access to your heating pipes as the pressures fluctuate. By turning off the water from the mains, you can access the pipes in your home, tighten, clean or clear them all of your own accord. Among the most costly home repairs is the piping because it’s a network that interconnects with every room and both floors, so this is a worthwhile task to accomplish.



Window sills

The only thing keeps the elements out of the rooms are the window sills. Sealants will eventually erode and loosen its grip on your windows and the window sills. Every year, you should clean the window sills from the outside and inside. Little green dots of bacteria will begin to form as it rains, and condenses. Clean the sealant and or strip it away if you have to, and fill in some brand new sealant as replacement.


Maintaining your home isn’t difficult, but does require you to make mental notes that it has to be done. Repairing the parts in your home doesn’t have to be costly because if you can maintain the pipes and electrics, they won’t get to a point where the repairs will be costly and out of your hands.


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