How to Sell Your Home Quick

If you are putting your home on the market, you may require a quick sale. There are many reasons why this could be the case. Perhaps you are in desperate need of cash? Maybe you are moving abroad and you are on a short timescale? No matter what applies, read on for some advice.



Get the price right

Getting your asking price right is so important. You need to appeal to the right buyers, show confidence whilst being realistic, and place yourself well in the market. Yet, there are instances where people get their asking price totally wrong, and here are the reasons why…


  • Not enough research – Have you done all of the research necessary? Have you taken a look at the local and national property market? Have you looked at comparable properties that have sold and that are on the market? Without putting in the groundwork you cannot be certain you have the price right.
  • Relying on one person’s opinion – You have an estate agent around. They value your home. You then put your house on the market at that price. What’s wrong with this? You are putting an awful lot of trust in that one person. What happens if they have got it wrong? Get several agents to value your home and work on the average.
  • Pricing on what you want – Yes, you may want £300,000 for your property, and you may even think you NEED it. But, if your home isn’t worth that much, how do you really expect to pull the wool over people’s eyes?


Consider other options

A lot of people think that the only option is to find an estate agent and sell their property via the traditional route. However, this is not the case. There are companies that guarantee a quick home sale because they specialize in purchasing properties as their business. This means they will value your house, give you a quote, and if you are happy, the sale goes through. It is as simple as that. This is ideal for anyone under pressure to sell their property as quickly as possible.


Finding a home stager

Home staging has gone from being a new craze to a necessity! Whether you decide to use a professional home stager or not, you still need to apply their practises to your home if you want it to sell quickly and for a high value.


If you can afford it, I definitely advise using a professional home stager. Their service can completely transform your home without you spending thousands! But, this will only be the case if you choose a home stager with care! What should you be looking for?


You need a home stager with a proven track record. Ask for some before and after pictures to see the difference they have made on properties. You should also read reviews to see what previous clients have had to say about the service they received. Did they think it was worth it? Did the service add a lot of value to their home?


You also need to make sure you feel comfortable with the home stager and communicate well with them. Remember, the success of this service all relies on what the home stager tells you. They need to understand your limitations – i.e. budget – and they need to convey their thoughts in a way you fully understand.


As you can see, there are a number of different things you can do to sell your home quickly. Good luck!