Do People Still Send Christmas Cards?

When I was a child, we had a tradition.  My mother had this card tree where we would clip all fo the different Christmas cards we received on.  Over the years, the amount of cards that we receive have drastically decreased.  While there are many reasons why this might have happened, Christmas cards are still a holiday tradition that I just love participating in.  If you need some ideas of modern day Christmas cards, let me share a couple of my favorites with you.



Family Photos

Killing two birds with one stone is a great way to get things accomplished.  So, why not send out your family photos as your Christmas cards?  There are some great programs out there that will allow you to create holiday frames and add cute sayings if you’d like, or you could just send them out as is.  I fully admit, this may be the only time of year that I actually mail out photos!


Digital Cards

I recently learned of a website that I just adore.  It’s Paperless Post!  Using their ingenious system, you can create online cards that you e-mail to your friends and family.  In today’s modern world where computers rule everything, I think this is a terrific idea!  They have a wide variety of Christmas cards you can choose from and they walk you through personalizing them step by step.  Who wouldn’t love to check their e-mail and receive a festive holiday greeting?  (Paperless Post also has birthday and wedding invitations, thank you cards, get well soon wishes and just thinking of you options as well.  They are totally worth checking out for all of your digital greeting card needs!)


Children’s Art

My girls are both very artsy.  They enjoy drawing and coloring, decorating paper and making beautiful things from it.  Well, as beautiful as a typical young child can create.  Why not put the little ones to work and have them create Christmas cards for you?  Keep them happily busy while you get the opportunity to enjoy the night in peace.


Whether you choose to send them digitally or by paper, let’s all take a few moments to send out our Christmas cards this year.  This is one holiday tradition that I really would hate to see disappear!  Merry Christmas to you, and to you, and to you!


What’s your favorite way to receive a Christmas Card?