3 Rules for Settling down Quickly after a Move

A move can be a tremendous opportunity to get a new start, in a new home, and take our lives in the kinds of directions we’ve always dreamt of.


And these are, of course, key reasons why people move in the first place. Ideally, your move should leave you feeling like you’ve entered a new world of possibility, and have moved in a positive direction in life — closer to your goals in some fundamental way. In other words, a move should make you feel happy.


Unfortunately, the process of moving can also be frustrating, time-consuming, and disheartening in various ways. While professional moving companies such as Bekins Moving Solutions and M25 Movers can certainly help you to deal with some of the logistics of transferring your belongings from one destination to another, simply settling into your new home and getting your life back on track can be tricky.


Here are some tips for achieving just that, quickly, so that you can get the most from your move and feel uplifted as a result of it.



Unpack systematically, every day, until no box remains

One of the most common issues which confronts people who have just moved to a new home, is that they will often unpack only the essentials to begin with — toothbrushes, kitchen utensils, and so on — and leave the less in-demand items boxed up indefinitely.


In the more extreme cases, it’s not uncommon to find people who still have cardboard moving boxes, filled with their belongings, stacked up in corners, in a spare room, just as they were on the day of the move itself.


It’s impossible to fully settle into your new home if you never actually finish the moving process in its entirety. Your mind will naturally perceive unpacked boxes as a sign that you’re in slightly chaotic and foreign territory, and you’ll struggle to feel fully in control of your environment.


Begin unpacking and putting things in their proper place on day one, and continue until every box is unpacked.


Establish your normal routines and rituals as quickly as possible in the new home

Our habits, rituals and routines are often intimately tied to our physical environments. For example, we’ll often go to the kitchen at the same time each morning, sit in the same chair every day, while drinking our coffee from the same mug.


Moving can throw these essential daily rituals off, and leave us feeling out of sorts, and struggling to achieve the things we typically would on a given day.


Work on re-establishing your normal routines and rituals as quickly as possible.


Get out and explore the neighborhood

Moving to a new home isn’t just about living in a new building, it’s also about occupying a new neighbourhood, one with different sights to see, and different contours to get used to.


An essential step for getting comfortable in your new surroundings, is to get out of the house and explore the neighborhood. See where the shops or parks are, get a sense for the best walking routes, and just become comfortable with the area.

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