Don’t Let Shame Stand In The Way Of Health

Shame is the kind of embarrassed emotions you feel when you’ve just said something ridiculously silly in public, or maybe you’ve accidentally dropped your freshly brewed cup of coffee on the way to your desk. At first, it’s the blood flushing to your ears, and then depending on  your skin type, you may turn out either bright tomato red or a slight and barely noticeable rosé. Nevertheless, even if nobody can see it, you’ll be feeling suddenly very hot. But this is the kind of sudden shame that comes as a response to a public event. There is a much more silent shame, creeping slowly on you. The silent shame is invisible. You don’t blush. You don’t feel hot. But it’s a major obstacle when it comes to taking care of yourself. Silent shame is often associated with humiliating illnesses and body complaints. Beware of shame for it might stand in the way of health.



When your fear going to the loo

Nobody really enjoys talking about intimate issues, such as experiencing a sharp pain when you’re going to the bathroom or noticing blood in your urine. In these instances, women are renowned for being a little braver than men and taking quick action within a day to book an appointment at the nearest urologist. However, when it comes to urinating issues, men can often wait longer before they decide to seek help for their inflammation or infection complain. While it can be rare, it is important to notice that an issue urinating can be caused by a variety of factors. Infections generally come with a fever, but blood in the urine can be the sign of a much more serious complaint. In other words, getting over your shameful feeling can help to save your life.


When even smiling becomes a nightmare

Do you know what is the most common fear in the health sector? Dentists! A lot of patients delay their visit to a dentist out of fear. As a result, healthy teeth can suffer from lack of professional care. Ultimately the fear of dentists is caused by poor media image that leads most people to believe that tooth care is synonymous with pain. In reality, if you plan regular checkup visits, you can avoid painful appointments as all issues will be picked up before it is too late.  Finding the perfect dentist is a huge help with this.  If you’re in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, I highly recommend Lane & Associates Family Dentistry.


Don’t let your tummy upset you

If you’re a little nervous about what you eat, or about quantities and nutritional factors, it can be very embarrassing to handle an upset tummy. Unfortunately, there is such heavy pressure from the media world on the importance of a fit body, that a lot of women feel ashamed to discuss digestive problems. However, there are many reasons for an upset tummy, and while not getting yourself checked up could have severe consequences. Celiac disease, for instance, touches about 1 in 133 Americans, but it’s estimated that over 80% of people with Celiac disease are unaware of their condition. Receiving medical advice could improve your life if you were to get over your feeling of shame.


The bottom line is that doctors do understand that your body doesn’t always behave the way it should. As professionals, they are trained to perceive your body as a separate entity from your personality. You are not your body, and consequently, you will not be treated without respect for embarrassing issues.

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