How to Create a Shareable Kids’ Bedroom

Whether your house is limited in size or you simply want your children to bond, sharing a bedroom can be a wonderful experience for your little ones. However, since your children will share the same room, you need to design it carefully in order to provide them with an inspiring, nurturing environment. In addition, a well-designed kids’ bedroom can strengthen their sibling relationship instead of providing them with a reason to squabble.



Involve your kids from the start

It’s important that you include your children when designing their room. Brainstorming design ideas can be engaging for all of you. In addition, if you let them express their own ideas and make a few decisions, they’ll be much happier with their room. From choosing wall color to picking bed covers or a curtain design, there are plenty of ways to make designing your kids’ bedroom a family activity.


Let them express their personalities

Since your children will share the bedroom, it’s essential that you take their personalities into consideration. Each of them should be allowed to express their own style and taste even if it means painting one side of the room completely different color. However, since you should aim for a balanced, harmonious atmosphere, you should select design elements and colors from which they can choose. This way, they will have a say in the matter, yet the room will still have a cohesive look.


Create a healthy environment

Your children’s bedroom should feature a sleep-inducing atmosphere, healthy ambience and an inspiring look. Therefore, when choosing elements for your kids’ bedroom, you should focus on healthy, toxin-free options. You should also aim for a bedroom design that will provide your kids with quality sleep. This entails picking comfortable mattresses, soothing colors, etc. Of course, your children’s bedroom should still be stimulating and inspiring, but make sure that you don’t create an overbearing look with too many bright and energizing elements.


Find a functional design

Regardless of whether your children’s bedroom is spacious or not, it should feature a functional layout so that your children have enough space. You may have to introduce a bunk bed as a space-saving option. For the best possible effect, you can even consult with professionals. For instance, experienced Superdraft architects offer customized design solutions that can help their clients maximize usable space and create a functional layout. Thus, if you’re not sure how to make the most of your kids’ bedroom, you can always find a professional helping hand.


Keep it organized and clutter-free

Kids’ rooms are typically chaotic and disorganized because children are simply messy. Now, imagine two children living in the same room. To avoid cleaning after your kids every day, you should introduce plenty of storage solutions into their bedroom. By adding enough shelves, chests, baskets, furniture with hidden compartments and other storage units, you’ll make sure that everything in their room has its own place. Afterwards, you just need to create a rule that they always have to clean after themselves and return everything to its place.


Install functional lighting

Proper lighting is one of the bedroom essentials, especially in the children’s room. Since they spend a lot of time in their rooms, children need to have functional lighting that will provide them with bright light while drawing, doing homework or reading, and subtle light for the evening. Installing dimmer switches is a functional solution that will enable your children to adjust bedroom lighting depending on their needs. In addition, make sure that your kids’ room has plenty of sunlight, so use light curtains.


Provide them with personal areas

Designing personal areas for your children is essential in a shared bedroom. Otherwise, they’ll keep fighting over a single desk in their room. You can easily give each of them their personal corner even if the room is limited in size. They should have their own desks where they can draw or do homework. You should also give each of them their own shelves, boxes or some other storage units where they can keep their personal belongings.


Give them enough floor space

Children love playing on the floor, so make sure that they have enough floor space. Thus, you should consider finding space-saving solutions that won’t take up too much floor, such as a bunk bed and floating shelves. In addition, you should introduce area rugs or a quality carpet that will keep your kids warm and cosy while sitting on the floor. However, keep in mind that rugs and carpets gather a lot of allergens and hide numerous toxins, so it’s important that you pick eco-friendly alternatives made of natural materials.


Designing a sharable kids’ bedroom requires a lot of planning because you need to provide your children with a nurturing, healthy environment that will meet their individual needs.